New Graduate, New Freelancer, New Website

My name’s Aaron Rustill. I graduated approximately six months ago and have been freelancing fairly successfully ever since! I have recently launched a new website with the intention of showing potential employers my design process and skill set, and I would like feedback and advice on the site. I am looking to gain experience and work in design studios. check out the website and let me know what you think my email is

well there is not that much stuff up yet. Let us know when your complete portfolio is up.
Otherwise, it looks professional if a little bland maybe. It is not brag-y or arrogant but rather honest, I appreciate that a lot. Your site communicates that you can handle a brief without any drama.

In terms of graphic design of the site:
I know it is deliberate and is intended to add some flavor but I would really re-consider the spacing of the of your name and “industrial design” up in the left corner. Also the “plus” sign just seems to be too crowded and tight.
This is completely my personal opinion and aesthetic sense though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m looking for this kind of constructive criticism and opinions on what works with the site. Kind Regards Aaron

uh, I moved this topic… to the portfolio section…

Under portfolio, you missed the apostrophe in “I’m building it so check back soon”

I’d recommend you simplify the nav bar and put all of your capabilities, or services into a capabilities break out page instead of listing it all out.