New grad portfolio- feedback please

Hey all,

I will be graduating this April in Interaction Design. I have just put together my grad portfolio and would like some thoughts/ comments on my work, organization of the site, etc. My portfolio can be viewed at The portfolio is tailored towards a user experience/ interaction design/ user interface position.

Also, do you think I should have an extra page just to describe my process work? The three academic projects I showcased on my “projects” page briefly walk through my design process though…

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :smiley:



I took a quick look through it, and it seems as though the format (at least for the interaction design projects) was very text heavy. I didn’t find myself wanting to read more than a few sentences, and the images at the top were all fairly small so I couldn’t read the text on them. I’m at DAAP and there they tell us to focus on using imagery to tell the story because employers rarely read portfolio text. You could maybe use the downward scrolling nature of a website to tell a story kind of like this:

hope that was helpful!

Yeah, that was definitely helpful. Thanks for the example too!