New Grad Portfolio Critique

Hello everyone,

I’m a recent ID grad from Cal State, Long Beach. I’m passionate about consumer electronics and would love to work at a company that not only designs great products, but also great user experiences. Although my current portfolio consists mainly of products, I’ve been pursuing my certification in UX design and plan on adding a couple of UX projects in the near future.

Here’s a link to my online portfolio:

Any advice/suggestions are appreciated!

Hey Imaan,

Your vacuum is super excellent and concise, you explain your process in a very intuitive manner which is great, I would follow the same structure with your other projects. That being said, none of the projects on your Behance page are consumer electronics which will be confusing if your sending this work to employers. What do you want to design in the CE field? Do a couple of projects that focus on your specific interests and show those with a well thought out UI and you’ll have a pretty sick portfolio.