New gear from Amazon

I’m working on a wrist mount product and came across this new issue from Amazon. The image below appears to be a render. Any deeper insights into this design or image?

Looks like they’re actually taking on Whoop considering this looks like the knock off design to their product.

So the founder of Whoop (Will Ahmed) posted on LinkedIn in response to the Amazon launch and it turns out Amazon straight up stole the design. This is part of the post : “Yes, Amazon imitated our industrial design at WHOOP and yes they met with us as potential investors years ago under the Alexa Fund.”

This is the stuff that really grinds my gears. One of the most powerful companies in the world can’t come up with their own unique design?

I dunno, personally I prefer Amazon’s version without the buckle and branding. Interaction seems different as well. I’d file this under “remix” :wink:

It’s a cloth band, like thousands of watches before. The device monitors heartbeat and movement, technologies that have existed for decades. It communicates via (I imagine) bluetooth, another technology decades old. Who cares?

I could be wrong, but the cloth band overlapping the top of the device seemed pretty unique to Whoop and the fact that Amazon was meeting with them years prior is a bit sleazy IMO. I don’t care a ton, but I will continue to not support Amazon for exact reasons like this.

Will Ahmed is properly irked…

News flash, big tech companies are bullies.

Unfortunately this is more often the case than not. If you’re a small brand then you better believe your corporate competitors are keeping a watchful eye for opportunity. Visual design doesn’t have a lot of protection in place as far as I’m aware, especially when it’s done from a minimal viewpoint.

Is this really any different from when Wal-Mart direct imports plastic containers instead of ordering from Rubber-Maid? Or any different from when a grocery store offers a generic next to Jif?

This doesn’t bother me as much as the near monopoly of online sales that Amazon has. Then again…it is nice to order a book, car parts, tea and tent sealant all from one place (like I did last night). Maybe the US should just nationalize the retail part of Amazon and merge it with the USPS.