New, futuristic chair

Hi everybody,
My teammates and I are students at an university in Germany and we are working on a market research project about a product which is designed by a german company. The product can be seen on the picture I uploaded. By designing this chair, the company was inspired by traditional german beach chairs (“Strandkorb”).
We are looking for other possible application areas for this chair. It can be outdoor/indoor places, commercial/ private use. The basic features will most probably contain adjustable seat position, wind/sun/ rain protection, high- quality…But you can also install multimedia systems if demanded… Extra features / functions can be added or some can eliminated regarding to do application area…

Where can this be used?In which area? and why?
Thank you for your help

Ceyhun Bora Caglar
Hamburg, Germany

In my opinion, you should have defined the answers to these questions before designing the chair. It’s kind of backwards (and much more difficult) to design a random object, and then find a use for it.

I suppose the demographic for your current design is: People who want to be isolated from everyone and everything, but still somehow take in the public scenery, but don’t want to be at home? Not my cup of tea, but unfortunately society is becoming increasingly impersonal and I’m sure some people would appreciate it.

As far as I understand, this is not the design by the students but rather by a company which the students are investigating.
Am I right?

I that case, I would recommend asking the designer/company… seems obvious.

Yes that’s true, the company designed the chair and we are doing a market research… They were inspired by a beach chair, but we are looking for new possible application areas. And of course investigating related market chances.

Great design, though. It reminds me of capsule bed of Japan. Anyone have seen it? I don’t remember the exact name, but it’s similar. And Japan has a capsule hotel, where client can sleep in a capsule room, very small, only for 1 person and also full of multimedia. I think you can put your chair at hotel lobby or even special room. And sure, you can put this kind of chair on the beach :smiley:

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an escape pod for:

Nether new or futuristic. It looks like a Garden Egg Chair (c 1968) and Eero Aarnio Ball Chair. If you are looking to market something post design you are going about it backwards. I would say that it needs to be revised, look at the pad you sit on and go for something that is a very intimate love seat (for two people). Maybe a pool side placement, so it can look tidy when it is closed and not in use. the 3d model is lacking to say the least. Also air port hook ups with that star wars-esq blast shield thing.