New Freelancing Site?

Well, I’m not sure exactly how new it is, but I just discovered it -

I was wondering what the pros here on c77 thought of it or if anyone’s even heard of it or had any experiences with it. It seems to be pretty legit from what I can tell. The basic premise is that (you or I) sign up as a service provider, and then people or businesses throw out service needed and the service providers bid on the jobs. The service provider (presumably you & I) pay $10+ to bid on said jobs. The only thing that irks me a little is that you have to go ahead and pay the bid price even to ask the service requester for more info about a project if they did not provide enough in their original bid request. Otherwise I’m thinking about throwing in a bid or three just to see what happens. Any thoughts?

Lowest common denominated bid wins? And you have to pay to bid. Nope.

You are worth what you ask to get paid. Lowest price for a job isn’t looking for quality, just price.

You’d be better off working on your portfolio.


Yeah I second what R says, might be a good place for finding a cheap plumber but I’d doubt it’s going to be great way to get legit design work. I’d spend the time working on pumping fresh work into your Behance and Coroflot where most freelance work is still to be found.

That makes sense. I was thinking this morning there’s not really anything wrong with the concept of the site per se, but the type of people it’s going to attract are not who you’d really want to do business with - especially design work. Thanks.

It would be hilarious to make a fake account and mega low bid everything and then just send some child like deliverables to the client… if I only had the time to be funny.

do you guys remember that super funny fake coroflot portfolio from a few years back? That was classic.

At a normal hourly rate you would still probably be loosing money making up crap for an hour and bidding $100 on it :wink:


LoL WoW that sounds awesome! Haha! :laughing: I’d love to see that!