New footwear portfolio

Hey guys, heres a new corefolio showcasing some casual, fashion footwear. Any and all comments along with freelance work is welcome :wink:


Where can I get those Sperry Striper Wingtips in white? I saw the picture and I knew I had to have them but I couldnt find them on their website. Good work tho and keep it up.

i think they were just dropped so I have the only 2 pairs made : )

Oh God why!!! Ive been looking for some really nice white dress shoes for no reason really, but I aint got 300 dollars or more to throw down for a pair. So when I saw those I thought perfect cuz its the best of both worlds, dress and casual. So there’s basically no chance that those will ever be released? You didnt make that decision did ya? They’re still cool though.


no of course I didnt make that choice. It seems that retailers dont want that type of product from Sperry wheather they like it or not. Which is why as of next friday I’m separating from sperry and going freelance full time for the time being.

btw I love my wingtips mucho and will be wearing them tomorrow!

Thats a shame, cuz those things are very hip and fashionable I think. Great stuff, and good luck too with your future endeavors.

Good luck with your new gig, DH.

Hey… Ryder of the Portside

shoot me an email when you have a chance…