New Footwear Design Firm!!4cent

A new footwear design firm has been put together by 5 designers including: Brian Moughty, Ben Adams-Keane, Austin Jermacans, Matt Dealmeida, and Etahn Dean. All members of this board. The designers collaborate on free-lance projects. The upcoming Sole Collector issue will feature 4cent if you want to read more into it. 4Cent will also be actively blogging for

Feel free to take a look or contact any of us!. / / /

Bold and fun move, Best of luck to you guys!

Best of luck gentlemen, this may seem a bit nit-picky but I would put a little more effort into the site to get it to look more “Professional” , after all first impressions are everything these days…

Best of luck, welcome to the industry.

I thought all you guys were still in school though?


Thanks for the comments so far.

We are all indeed in school, but many of the members have already done numerous freelance projects. This is just a way to bring a collaborative effort in continuing to build portfolios and continue our work. We design in our free time anyways, so this time we are just doing it for a bigger purpose.

Very ambitious indeed.


Technically Ben Adams-Keane is still in high school :open_mouth: Talented kid there.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This will be a fantastic learning experience for the group. Don’t under charge.

Aren’t all yall gonna end up working for Nike anyways? :wink:

Bold Move Guys, It’s going to be a learning experience especially since you are all still young and most still in high school
or the beginging of college and don’t have degrees yet. How did you guys come up with the name 4CENT?

Do you guys have any plans for attacking the industry yet and trying to get clients or freelance projects?
How will you guys colaborate being spread across the east coast? good luck

Only thing I’d somewhat caution is getting over your head or misrepresenting yourself. There’s lots of good learning to be sure, but also I think you need to be honest on what experience you have and what you can do. It’s not good for you guys if you take a project on that is over your head due to lack of experience as it may come back to haunt you. The footwear industry is a small world.

Also keep in mind how you plan to handle confidentiality and projects while (I assume) you are looking for a job. What happens if you start a job and then land a gig a Nike? You won’t be able to continue to work on it so your client could be left empty handed. Might also be a sticker if you are looking for a job but have an ongoing project…

I’m all for aiming high and applaud the ambition, just also important to keep business, clients and best practices in mind.


Good luck all. This is really inspiring.


I always appreciate your posts. You have a way of looking at things from a different point of view.

You are right, honesty is huge.

Again, I’m really happy for all of you.


^^ This - best of luck guys and looking forward to the read on SC… keep us updated on some progress as things move forward

Thanks again for the comments!

Believe it or not, the two in high school (Ben and Matt) have the most experience, as both have done work for numerous companies. They both graduate this year and will be off to college…

As far as if someone got a full time job, if that time comes and one has to leave then everyone will only support. Of course that is all our ultimate goal. The only one who would even be at that point would be myself, as I graduate in August, but I think I need to strengthen and build my portfolio anyways before that being possible.

Again thats for the input…Look for sc for more answers!

Congratulations to you guys, keeping fingers crossed!

Here is the interview for anyone interested!

nice, congrats fellas.