new footwear brand- bespoke performance footwear

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This is a little late in the posting as things have been hectic. These are images from a recent footwear exhibition I held in London. This is not a mass manufactured service, it was set up for a few professional soccer clubs here in teh UK.

Any comments, likes and dislikes all welcomed

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wow! the idea is sweet! is it only going to be football (soccer) boots? (is that a one piece upper?) to what length can you change the design of shoe? like if you wanted peg studs, blade studs, a combination of both, or maybe an altogether different stud?

The aspect of customisation is totally down to the individual needs. The particular stud configuration is called spin grip, designed to allow for traction in all directions whilst avoiding grip. The configuration and shaoe of the cleat with the holes allows for piveting without causing exessive forces on the knees (A huge problem with blades)

Typically the stud configuration is designed around the athletes dissipation of forces and foot structure during gait (running) So I would look at the peak forces under the foot, determine how to eliviate them and place studs according. We also work with the athletes medical team to allow for leg length descrepancies, degree of flex etc etc.

It is a one piece upper (f ing expensive calf from Italy) I made it one piece to negate seams for maximum feel on the ball. The line design is based on different kicking actions and making an aesthetic from the areas the upper is mainly used.

Any coolour, motif, gold, diamonds, you name it you can put it in there. There are some real interesting digital print stuff I am working on, as well as leather treatments etc.