new First Pullover (footwear blog) logo

Just some thoughts I had: Some reference to stitching or the corrections you make to a pullover (i.e. writing over it to fix it) might be a cool reference in the logo. Just tossin’ it out there.

good suggestion tony maybe decrease the opacity of the main font and act like its being stitched… I think this logo has a lot of potential

OK, here’s the “final” (these things are never really final, but…) for now.

in this revision, ive incorporated the “st” ligature as per the wallpaper* text, blended the top of the ligature linking the “o” and “s” and aligned the left of the “s” with the “l” below. the tagline isnt really part of the logo (and needs a bit more work, i agree), but is there in the application on the blog site, hence in this image pulled from the blog header.

I do appreciate the suggestions given, but my intended direction of the logo/brand i think is perhaps different that some of the perceptions here.

I’ve tried to purposely avoided cliche graphical tricks like stitching, handlettering, etc. in favor of a more typographic solution. The fonts as previously mentioned also tie into the larger family of brands under the same umbrella. Overall, its a more sophisticated, business-like aesthetic, with a “twist” as opposed to a more “brand brand” logo that you’d see on a consumer product or trendy techno flyer.

comments still always welcome.

blog (and logo in context here)
(still in the process of being updated/revised in layout.)


oh yeah… that s → t lig. looks smooth.

It is sophisticated but the line weight i think needs to be consistent…

also what about doing something with the o? since the center really serves no purpose…

I hope you dont mind but here is my little rendition

what do you think?

still professional, consistent line weight and the o is unique

again, just a thought…

Looks much better Rich. I like it!

gotta disagree. with the “o” as i have there is a nice play on positive and negative space. without the center this is lost and the open letterform has too much visual weight compared to the rest of the logo for no reason. also looks a bit like a balloon or something.


Kershaw - With the bit you got rid of in the ‘O’ my eye focuses straight at that point, and it just leaves me with a feeling that somethings missing. Personally I feel the logo need’s the O inside the O.

I like the logo, it’s different but doesn’t scream ‘I’m different’ and perfect for the educational blog that First Pullover is.