New England Employment

I have just moved to Burlington, Vermont (the crazy things one will do for love). I have about 2 years of experience in corporate and freelance design, but left it to spend 6 months volunteering with Americorps and 6 months traveling (and more volunteering) in Central and South America and in New Zealand.

Can anyone recommend firms and/or folks to talk to up here? Seems like ‘slim pickins’ at present. Burton Snowboards is the obvious choice, but currently they don’t have anything available that I am qualified for.

Many thanks!

Have you tried JDK?

No, I haven’t officially tried yet. I’ve seen the website offerings and once again, they’re looking for things I am not completely qualified for. I am going to just go by next week and drop off my newly updated portfolio. Wish me luck and thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve fwd’ed your portfolio link to someone I know there. Good luck.

Many thanks for the forward. It seems like networking is the best way to find out about jobs here in Burlington. The design community is closenit. Thanks again.