new drawing

Here’s a piece I just finished. I’m trying to work on my 3D drawing skills. I always have a sketchbook but just recently started to do finished pieces.

Any tips or tricks to make the piece look more realistic would be appreciated. I’m self taught through books but there’s a lot that I still need to learn.

This piece is 12"x18" on cardboard using a Bic pen and a brown and white verithin pencil.



The brown radial lines are verithin pencil?.. thats crazy. Nice stuff, they would make cool toys…


No, I actually used a marker for the fill. I also used a marker for the fill on the pointy tentacles at the top.

For the really bright specular highlights, I used a white paint pen.

All the shadows and gradients were done with the Brown pencil.

I look at this and it becomes very clear that people are, without question, wired differently.

This is very fun to look at…and it makes me question what it is about my brain that when I touch pen(cil) to paper why something so completely different spills out.

Nice work.

Very Cool! You definitely have a style going, Its great to look at. Post more work when you can, this is the place for it to be appreciated!

crazy, nice colours

Thanks for the comments!

I want to learn more about dramatic light and shadow. These are all simple lighting but don’t convey a singular light source.

Here are some other pieces I did. They are all pretty recent.

very dope sir! i like the visual quality of these, they are very cool pieces to look at. the letters integrated with the images are very tight…

i am guessing you (used to) tag?

Thanks! Yeah, skateboarding and graffiti ruled my youth.

I’ll try to post more pics next week.

Clearly u r a natural drawing talent …u need only to challenge yourself with more difficult drawings and set no limit for your mind…

Great work…where can we see more…???

Thanks. Here are a few more things. My previous work is mostly vector and graphic design. I’ll try to post some of them.

the first one is beautiful, I like the more dynamic composition with stuff coming at the viewer. Keep postin 'em man, these are great!

Wow real nice work dude, seriously mad skills. Can tell that you also do graffiti.

Here’s some weapons.

hmm… I feel it is the least dynamic and 3 dimensional of the series you have posted. It seems like you are holding back or trying to conform to a certain style here.

Actually, that one has every reason to be on an Industrial Design site…I would imagine there are a pretty big pile of IDers that work for gaming and Hollyweird.

Besides that, why should a sketching section be limited to just products on an ID site? I would argue that inspiration comes in all forms.

You are correct. I have a few more but I just started sketching weapons with a pencil and that’s what I came up with. Here are a few more:

I didn’t do the 3 swords on the right, and that’s an AD drawing of the people in the middle page.

I’m liking the ones in the last set, the 3 all the way to the right… I like how the designs are becoming more integrated, esp that one with the finger gaurd thing that flows right into the blade, real nice. I also like that there are deco elements in several scales, big details and small details. Great stuff man!

wow. mad sh*t.

cant say ive seen stuff like this too often. im curious… how long does it take you to do a page? is the paper brown or do you do lots o PS retouch?

keep rockin it!


Thanks! The weathering is all in Photoshop. Other than the drawing, the image takes about 20 minutes to compose. The drawings are done in my spare time, mostly at lunch.

I draw the images on white paper, then scan them in. I use the multiply filter on the drawn layer to get rid of all the white.

I already have the elements for the weathering done do I just open the blood splatter of the moldy areas and move them around.

It will eventually be a book of Holy weapons. These were the test sketches but I hope to start on the real ones soon.

The final book will be hand weathered and not photoshoped. Here is a sample of the hand weathering. The image was printed on watercolor paper with waterproof inks.