New drawing software in open Beta

Just discovered this new generativ art tablet software :

You should check it, it s in open beta since yesterday. 15 Euro instead of 50 …

The software also use the graphic card, so you can go up to 10 k x 10 k pixel, and the brushes keep being super fast.

Super usefull for car designer that want to draw as free as possible with high res canvas.

I tested it, and in 5 minutes you can make an incredible looking drawing.

Its open beta, the devs says that they will keep adding a lot of features before final.

Go check it !

Any feedback ? :slight_smile:

Did anyone tried it ? :slight_smile:

You will find that trying to sell software via the forum is frowned upon. Now if you were providing it free for evaluation by design professionals along with a survey that outlines the user experience and suggested improvements that would be a different thing…

Sorry if this sounds like i m trying to sell software, but i m not financially involved in this project … i m just an enthusiastic user who want to spread the love ^^

There is a totally free demo version with no limitation in time if you don’t want to buy it ! :slight_smile:

Meh. It’s ok, I wasn’t super impressed. I think SB pro does a better job at being a sketching program and there are other free sketching options available through Chrome that do the same effect brushes better.

Really? Through Chrome? Like what?

Just tried it. Right now it’s pretty useless for me, but could evolve into something really good. The strokes are really smooth, might be even better than SBP?
No layers is a bummer, but apparently coming up in the final version. As well as symmetry features and other stuff. Eraser didn’t work by flipping the wacom stylus, but perhaps configurable somehow.
I’m really digging the rotate canvas implementation. Best solution I’ve seen, on par with Painter (does anyone use that anymore?).
If they implement Adobe canvas manipulation hotkeys (ctrl+alt+space combos), add painter’s rotate canvas hotkey (space+alt), and something clever to resize the brush (like SBP), I could ditch SBP for this. Even if it cost the original €50

Design Coterie, I allready saw some effect brushes trough chrome, but nothing even close to 10k x 10k px ( not even half of that … ) wich is the thing about this software; you can get a high res large print of your drawing … and what i saw in chrome was really far from that smothness ect. If you have a link please share it !

Engio, i agree with you on most of the point ! Layer, symmetry, ect is missing ! I guess it’s a beta and it will be coming later :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the smoothness of the stroke, and i think it s really a big deal when you are sketching in design !


I am Geraldine, one of the two co-founders of Bleank and we have been working on Black Ink for nearly two years now.
As you know Black Ink is currently in beta open to the public.

We decided to release it even if we have not yet essential features such as layers, controllers or brush manager. These features will be in next updates.

Why this beta out now, then?

First we want to have maximum interaction with you to refine and provide a drawing software different from those available on the market. A software with original graphics tools that will reward all level of skills with great graphical results.

You understand that we don’t want to replace Photoshop, Painter or Sketchbook, to name some of them. Black Ink is a drawing program of the “generative art” kind even if it will have standard tools.

On the other hand we sell it now with a huge discount to allow us to partially fund the development to stay independent and to propose in the end a truly original software that makes creation easier.

To conclude your involvement is very important to us and that’s what makes us move forward.
Thank you and see you soon

Black Ink | Download | Forum | Showcase

Perhaps I’m being a troll but it just didn’t offer anything super useful for me.

I think Harmony does a better job with generative brushes but doesn’t have the resolution. I’ve also liked

I think even Create paintings from photos has some neat features.

Giving your opinion doesn’t mean you are a troll. As I said before, we need a maximum of interactions with you even if we disagree.

I already knew mr Doob work. I experienced a lot with Alchemy and tried psykopaint and others like flame painter and scribbler.
The tools on the web are often experimental and fun, but they are not production tools. I like Alchemy, its concept but, in my opinion, it is an experimental software.

For the other drawing softwares, I always blame their responsiveness, I think they force on artists to draw with small brush stroke or with the same brush stroke, …

When we started the developement of Black Ink, two years ago, we did a prototype in a week to validate and test the concept.
Actually we still have not integrated all the brushes we created at this time because between a concept and a real tool there are a lot of things to do.
And between a tool and a drawing software there are a lot of essential features to develop!

The development of Black Ink is based on our real-time technology, our experience and our independence.
We always wanted to have a very smooth drawing even on high resolutions, to give just one example.
In my opinion it is essential to have this goal because it allows you to be more productive and it’s a point that differentiates us from other drawing softwares.

Today it is the beta, the software foundations.
These foundations are essential to integrate all the tools which will compose it because I assure you Black Ink will be really powerful.
You just need to be a little patient because do not forget, it is a BETA :wink: