New designs for iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle, and Apple TV

My first thoughts, previous iPod Shuffle design was a flop, as was the built-in camera in the Nano.

At this rate clients won’t be asking consultants to “make it like Apple” for much longer. They are taking the “box-with-screen” metaphor to the bloody end. Materials and attention to detail are always present though, and the anodized color palette seems to have been tweaked a little bit.

That new iPod nano is an abortion. Not sure which is worse. The new one or this:

Everything else is quietly brillant. Any ideas on the Apple TV construction? Alu. or plastic?

At least they were smart by bringing back BUTTONS to the Shuffle. But the Nano…a big screen? Seriously? I just don’t understand this mad rush to completely eradicate buttons. Buttons work. You can use them without even looking at them. Multi-touch screens are fun to play with but Apple is seriously compromising ease of use.

C’mon! That’s my favourite ipod of all times. Its the only one i still use in my collection. Size is perfect, and it has everything i need, except e-mail. What i love about it is the proportions, but a fan of the radiuses on the back.

Dunno if id call it a big screen :smiley:. At first i thought that they had added some kind of sticker on the backside of the shuffle, or if it was just presentation graphics, trying to tie it together with CD-albums.

Anyway gives me Apple-frankenstein vibes. I hate not being able to change tunes without taking the player out of my pockets. Its just not a product that should demand visual interaction. Ofcourse there is the apple-buds with controller, but i dont use their earbuds.

How are you even supposed to hold the new nano and interact with the screen? It seems impossible to me with one hand. And a portable mp3player you need both hands to use… nah.

Also I think I read something quickly about voice interaction. Can’t wait for people on the train shouting “NEXT” “NEXT” “PAUSE”.

And Apple TV is supposed to be a thing you connect to your TV to stream stuff right? Why does it have to fit in my hand then? Make it bigger and put more power/cooling in.

Not impressed.

I guess I dont get the apple TV thing? How is this different, other than a smaller, new housing? Im just praying it is in aluminum or some other heat transfer material.

I also agree with the comments of the nano. Whenever I see small MP3 players, I think about snowboarding with them. Unfortunately, I play with the buttons a lot (dont like to be inconsiderate rockin out on the chair when someone is trying to talk to me). This means I need buttons to push through my jacket. My old Sony brick works perfect, as I have never had an issue with the remote buttons. Not to mention it has survived some brutal crashes and the battery still lasts.

It’s like that Sync system in new Ford’s that makes calls and chooses songs on the MP3 player. Only this time instead of the privacy of your vehicle, you’re the a-hole screaming at yourself on the sidewalk trying to get the next Strokes track to play.


I actually think the apple tv is the big deal here. $99 streaming device. The difference is that this is only an interface for your tv, no hard drive inside. It outputs at 720p but is priced to get into living rooms. If half of all new mac / ipad buyers add one of these on as an impulse, it’ll be good competition for google tv and the boxee box. Yes, TV episodes are $1, but it is in HD, 5.1 I suppose. The war for the living room is finally heating up.

I’m waiting for blu-ray players with google tv built in, but this is interesting. For now, I’m still using my xbox 360 as a media center because, well, I don’t actually watch tv…

And yes, the new nano is an abortion, though I’m sure it’ll be nuts popular

Dont like the Nano at all. The interaction between the radius on the black screen boarder, and the square edge of the alu housing looks really awkward.

I second that.

So the number 1 place I see nano’s is at the gym usually on a arm band. I think it’s safe to say that a big market for the nano (runners, gym…) Seems like having a touch screen would make it hard to simply change songs.

Its nice that the new touch has a front and rear camera. Shoots HD vid and HDR images.

Is it just me or has this shuffle already existed in gen-2? That is my favorite.

I wonder why Apple has not come out with a dedicated digital camera? I am impressed with the 4G’s photo’s and video but it’s still not a GREAT camera. Seems like this is something people would buy, especially if they added features that linked up to their other product lines.

If you’re wearing nano on your wrist, what happens with the phones cord? And if you strap it higher up on your arm it gets tricker to see the screen. Unless you want to look like an idiot with a cord strapped along your arm… wait actually… It will sell millions.

Ditto on the 2nd gen shuffle.

On the topic of push-through-the-jacket mp3s… I’ve been dreaming about something like that for a very long time. Perhaps an 1HDC?

Benny: I agree, Apple TV has just gone nuclear. What I don’t like, from a philosophical standpoint, is the plan. I’m buying stuff that I can never d/l and save. If someone wants, it can be deleted without me ever knowing. Why is a film $5 when it is just sitting on a server somewhere? Where is the savings?

Having said that, Apple has just made another homerun. I think iPod 2 will flop (unless they re-invent it), but Apple TV will become the cable TV of the 2010s.

Is 720p still considered “HD”, for anyone with a 1080i/p display this is kind of a let down, but a lot of people will pick it up for $99.

I’ll stick with my PS3.

It would be cool though if you could use a touch or iPad as an interface for games through Apple TV.

Greenman: I saw something on the Apple TV site about using the iPhone with it. Not sure in what respect though.

I think that the iPod Touch looks great, though i wish they would have changed more. the design is getting kind of stale. Especially since more and more people are copying the design for cell phones. i also wish the would just go to some sort of aluminum/brushed metal for the back. I loved the the back looked on my first gen, but i had to baby it with covers for a year. i recently took off the skin and in two weeks it was covered in scratches.

The apple tv and the shuffle look great.

But i really hate the iPod nano. i think it looks hideous and will feel horrible using that tiny screen. if they wanted to make a touch screen iPod nano i don’t understand why the would make the screen smaller. if they wanted to go with that idea for design i think they should have kept the screen from the last nano and made it a touch screen. it could still have a clip and kept the camera. and as i kept up with the conference on engadget i didn’t see video play mentioned anywhere. there are just so many steps back with the new nano: tiny screen, no camera, and lacks the ability to play video.

Like: Apple TV ID is really nice. I feel like this dark grey look would suite other non-shouty products in their line like the battery charger, power adapter for Macbook/Pro (the white plastic really doesn’t fit their unibody look).

Hate: Nano. The rounded black bevel visually creates a lot of tension and uncomfortableness in the sharp corners that arise in such a rounded form. Gross.

iPod. I just preordered it right after the conference, but I still hate the chromed back. My current one is scratched so much I can’t even see the word iPod or a serial number on the back. Also doesn’t help that I love to spin the ipod on the table and draw finger-oil circles on the screen.
Photo on 2010-09-02 at 13.13.jpg

The apple TV is a portal - which gives you the option of renting or accessing you computer or house computer HD and streaming the video or music straight to it. why does anybody need another HD on a TV device when everybody has a HD on all their other tech.

After doing a lot of ethnographical research with TV consumers most have their TV either stuck on a wall or on a small stand. If your buying a TV which is less than an inch thick why are people still making Blue ray and TV boxes which are nearly a foot deep!!! Also give your average user a standard SKY box and a apple TV and ask them to set it up plug it in and get a movie up to watch or get some music from the home computer, I wonder who will be fastest. + from an sustainability and logistical standpoint you can now ship and transport around 6 of these apple tvs in the space of 1 sony or the like, which will be cheaper with a better markup and use less energy?

So from the Apple TV stand point its going to rocket. especially for every user who has bought an ipad or has a few apple products at home. Just watch the Googles, LG’s, samsungs etc follow suit or start throwing lawsuits apples way or vice versa. I wish other corps could get their act together and listen a little harder to their internal teams, all this stuff has been thought about and filled in some cabinet somewhere. I want these forums to be filled with discussions stating how the Samsung ecosystem of products surpasses the Apple one. iPad has become a reference to anything touch screen, Just think if a company such as Sony got their act together, reduced their product portfolio and integrated their products through investment in software design and networking, it would be brilliant especially with their existing market penetration. I’m always amazed by how many products their produce and their inability to integrate any of them easily.

On the ipod front. I think the Nano is sweet. cool and cute. Most people I know who exercise with an iphone or touch, so the mass of buttons aren’t a necessity. The biggest pain-points are choosing your track visually before you start and during exercise functionality (in how the hell do you take it with you, nobody really likes pouches and armbands) most of the time you’ll proably be changing tracks on your headphone remote. Just make sure you aren’t listening to Jason Bieber on your nano with the album artwork on full display, as it could get a little embarrassing.

One thing that I do like about the nano is that it returns to the original shuffle’s jewelry-type use. I think it would be pretty cool to have this postage stamp on my shirt that keeps flipping through my album artwork as I’m listening to my music. In that respect, it’s hot.