New Designers, London Exhibition

Anyone attend the new designers show in London?

What did you think?

We were exhibiting and would like some feedback.


some winners…

Shame about the London circumstances, but picked up nearing the end of the week.
Always good to see the amount of talent being produced by British collages and universities, it reflects back on British industry and what can be expected from us all in the future.
impressed with a lot of the aesthetical work which seem to be winning the awards, but as a percentage, how much of it was really ready for manufacture?

I was inpressed with the furniture and Product design BSc courses, overall the BA product design courses seemed weak with to much ‘concepty’ stuff.

When I got talking to students many had not considered technology and often they made statements they could not back up.

I was impressed with the Dyson award winner. The fact that an actual working prototype was produced amazing.

I think a lot of the furniture stuff is ready for production, many students I spoke to hade commisions for one-off. I doubt the product design projects are ready for production.

Any favorite designs…?

much better standard then last year!

A great show, its good to look outside of the awards group though,

The DKNY award , oh dear. I think someone at that office will be joining up in the queue outside the job centre shortly. Choosing the crudely joined creation of two chairs out of the nearby collage skip, over some of the lovely/well thought out chairs/tables and accessories found on MOST of the other stands. Did the judge even look at any of the other work?!

This may sound harsh towards the chap that stuck the chairs together, but it shouldn’t, at the end of the day its happened, and good luck with it all.

This is an attack at the judge… open your eyes next year!! Shambolic!
Just across from the Simpson’s Chair was a brilliant occasional table with a spinning mechanism to open the side storage area. Also in that row was a great little support that you lent across while lazing on the floor, wall mounted and something I can see going straight in to manufacture. Thats two products far more viable than DKNY’s decision, just looking down that row. Not to mention the rest of the hall.

I agree, that chair has been seen on the Simpsons any way!

:laughing: :laughing: ****





This may sound harsh towards the chap that stuck the chairs together, but it shouldn’t, at the end of the day its happened, and good luck with it all.quote]

I think thats the only way you can look at it, fair play, hes walking around with £1k in his back pocket and getting a tonne of exposure at the same time, (even if it wasn’t his idea) Someone told me once that if you copy an idea then is called Plagiarism, but if you copy a whole load of ideas then its called research! so does that mean the chair could be classed as Plagiarism??
The lass from Northumbria did well, nice little piece I thought. Wouldn’t mind one in my hallway at home, of course it would have to be a pink one darling! In fact the Northumbria stand was quite strong, fashion orientated and ready for the current market, maybe lacking a bit of technical knowledge, but that’s just me being picky.

Any one else have a piece in there mind that stood out? For good reasons or bad??

Yeh all northumbria’s stands rocked! They had quite a few, they seem to understand current market trends, one even looked Sin City style, very cool!

What Uni did you think stood out most?
I loved the Chav chair, and the woofer and tweeter speakers on Northumbria stand.

I didn’t see much in the dog and chicken speakers, but there was a delicate looking rocking chair behind them that was (in my opinion) worth investing in, had a brief relax in one and loved it. Can’t really remember much else that stood out. But there was some amazing cabinetmakers, some crazy woodwork skills.

which piece had sin city reference? I can’t remember.