new designer toy created for custom paint jobs

this originally started out as a vinyl toy which would be suitable for custom paint jobs, check it out

WOW, I love it when web sites have sound! (not really)

It is like a teddy trooper but without the international street cred. It’s cool but not super original. I’d like DIY mini post boxes from around the world, that would be cool. Kidrobot has some ltd ed ones (post boxes) coming out with the paint company KROG.

That “music” makes me want to kill myself.

Also notice that near the bottom right it says “this is not a toy, it is a choking hazard.”

I agree with the music. that has to go.

I think the whole thing is a big joke. Have you watched the youtube video on the blog? Stupid, but funny

I thought something broke in my headphones…then I realized it was the website.

couldnt stand the music long enough to actually see what was on the page