new design

I changed the image

the construction

principle of inputting

you are welcome to comment on the design.but I should explain that I did not focus on the form for the design,but just focus on the new way and technology of inputing .sometimes technology is more important than product can only have one technology,but it can have many different forms.right?

Lets see…

First off, looking at the angle of capture from the camera you have in the diagram, you’d need an intense wide angle lens. It’d also have to be very precise in order to compensate for the lens itself with the capture.

How would the tablet react if the user put his hand down on the tablet? Would it start tracking the hand or would you use some form of glyph tracking on the tip of the pen? For that matter, what would be the resolution of the camera? The frame rate?

How will this design be superior to what’s already available? The Wacom bamboo goes for about 80 dollars right now.

For one- you could use your hands. or a pencil. Maybe it needs an arrays of cameras? This is essentially Microsoft surface right?

Made by Topaz, its a credit card signature pad that is LCD based. How is your design new technology?

It seems almost exactly like MS Surface…

There are several MakerMag-like DIY pages about how to make this kind of thing with just a web cam and software that recognizes shapes

nothing now

In fact ,if you know the technoloty of photoelectric mouse, you should know that the mouse has 2 mini cameras which capture a series of mini images of movement in X and Y coordinate. mouse can judege the movement through analyzing the variety of images.
the design use the same principle with only one camera.