New Design Search Engine =)

Hello everyone! My roomate and I are industrial design students in Milano IT, (Istituto Europeo di Design).

When we are making projects, looking for inspiration etc we found it really hard and time consuming to actually find what we were looking for. So what we did was to set-up and create a website which searches through the main forums, blogs and design sites on the internet.

This way, we can specify exactly what we wanted to search for and find it.

We have just launched it, so its being updated almost every day (with new websites) and also some websites are taken away due to bad findings.

Any comments (negative and positive) and thoughts are welcome! If you have any suggestions or tips feel free to write them here

The site is called diblary and the link is in my signature. Hope it helps more of you fellow designers =)

Interesting Design search engine…

I think this will be useful for specific DESIGN data collection than searching & finding out relevant data from existing search engine like Google or Yahoo.

If you could add image search as part of your search engine similar to Google image search, …will be useful.

Even you should provide a suggestion box or entry box for adding new design website or blog on this search engine.

The first search engine page should express more design qualities.
(sok should be replaced with search / some new word)

Within search options, you can add options like…
option1: definitions/terms/how things work? / wikipedia /
option2: norms & rules/ergonomics/ articles & research/ papers/Materials
option3: designs from xyz sites
option4: commercial products

Overall it is good concept & it can be expandable like any search engine.

Hey thank you very much for the feedback, hopefully more people will write some soon.

About your suggestions, they are very interesting. Some we have already fixed and some we are still working on. Please dont hesitate to keep telling us what we should work on.

Thanks a bunch