New design for car seat controls

Hi guys,

I´m new in this forum so let me first introduce myself. My name is Peter and I´m from Vienna (Austria). Currently I´m working on university project which goal is to find innovative ways how to adjust the car seat or make the now available ways more intuitive and easier to use.

At the moment you can adjust your seat with either manual or electronic seat control. I was thinking about if it could be designed in more easy to use and intuitive way as it is now?

Moreover, I was thinking if its possible to go away from current solutions, how to adjust car seats. Have you seen or heard about another interesting ways how to adjust the car seats?

Thanks a lot for any comment or idea!

all the best from Vienna


PS: I´m sorry, you have seen this message in different forums, but I´m looking for ideas in different places so I can satisfy demands of my professor. Thanks for understanding!

try air, you could pump up the bottom to raise or lower, the side bolsters could wrap around you more or less, it could be softer or firmer? as for forward/backwards small air cyl that pushes the seat foreward then contracts to move it back…heck turn it around and it may even act as a impact absorber (think air shock)
Just an idea…

hi Pook,

Thank you very much for your comment, it really sounds a good idea with air!

Have you already worked on this solution? Do you have some experience in this field?

nope, I was just trying to think of something besides electric motors or mech slides.
The only air adjust I’ve seen is a lumbar adjust.

Hi Peter,

before formulating your thesis you might want to perform a broad research first. You will probably find out that most “premium” car brands do already offer seats with air bolsters. The BMW M5 has even active ones.

I am not sure if this covers the direction of your question, because the controls for the functions are a different matter alltogether. In the 5-series you can control the seat heating via I-drive.

Just to give you some hints.

All the best.

yours mo-i

Commercial trucks (Semi trucks in the US, Lorries in the UK) use air suspension in seats. They tend to be pretty “floaty” and soft, though. Perhaps you could look into a similar system with more control for automobile use.

this area of automotive seat adjustment is very heavily patented. Patentability was requirement of any design submission.

I have worked on some seat angle and slide mechanisms. They are quite different, mutually exclusive, and have different performance specifications.

Some of the designs were extraorinarily complex, such as Mercedes Benz, but beautiful with planetating star gears. All seat slide mechanisms were cable actuated.

Human interface however, was all the same: large handle, lever, and buttons activating power assist.

Some of the designs were extraorinarily complex, such as Mercedes Benz, but beautiful with planetating star gears.

The seat mech on my wife’s CLK is an engineering nightmare. Push the seat-base control forward, it goes backward. Tilt the seat base up, and it goes up … and stays there, until you kill the engine; then it returns to neutral when restarted. Tilt the back rest back it goes forward. unless it won’t. The headrest acts like a periscope; up scope, when you turn on the ignition; down scope, when you turn it off - with no intermediate position between.

The dealer gave up on it.

K.I.S.S. It isn’t.

Actually, I think it was a plot, on her part, to keep me from driving it…

Some of the new Mercedes seats have full pnumatic bolster, lumbar and seat cushion controls/adjustment.

Perhaps you can look at gels or memory foams that can be made to hold a shape… Ie. there’s no need for controls, the seat molds to the body shape, something like that?