i need a PC i am a 1st yr ID student, waited a bit before everyone to buy a laptop so i could get a better one and cheaper…

just checked the’s new Inspiron 9400, it comes with the new
GeForce 7600
at only 1800$ CAN
i think its crazy!
do you think it worth it?should i buy it or wait again?
will it last my 4 years in ID before me?

thanks for helping !!

Dell 9400 hu?

I am a big fan of the dell equipment. Our entire office is fitted with dell equipment except the three new laptops just purchased from HP in an emergency because we did not rent in time. Those 17" HP machines run alias and Pro/E great and the were only $1150 at bestbuy. Thats a hard bargen when you compare renting 8 times per year. Might as well just buy them.

I wonder if M3 design designed those too? I had the opportunity to meet the designers and engineers at M3… I was very impressed with m3 design in Austin Texas. They developed quite a few dell laptops including my 92 and 9300 machines. The 9300 has better screen resolution because of the upgraded video card.

I like those Dell laptops but I am impressed with the HP! Even though it has an internet button.

Which HP was that? I can’t find it at

i will go for the resolution …

so Dell worth it?

I don’t have the box any longer and past students have checked them all out. It’s screen resolution compares to the Dell 9200 at 1440 to 900 res. Not so bad once you get used to it and it’s only 1150! For that price I bought three to save money on rentals.I will try to search online for that model… all the boxes are tossed out and past studnets all took them home. Maybe there is a manual around?

I think so… maybe that’s crazy!
You like it, you get it!