new coroflot

Who here would perfer a coroflot website where you vote on the best portfolios and that is how they are ranked and displayed. #1 ranked stays at the top. Go bluedevils.

how about one where you pay? more you pay higher you rank.

With the way people often act on this forum, would you really want a voting system?

A voting system would have the same results as when the last-edited forums go to the top of the list. It means all the people with nothing better to do will sit and vote on their portfolios all day to try to get #1!

if it’s done by core management it would probably work. but i doubt they have time to go over every single folio and rate it compared to other ones. they just single pick folios and showcase what they like.

the best way you can rate a folio is:

1- functionality/aesthetics
2- originality
3- innovation
4- technique
5- tools
6- coherence
7- language/philosophy/design purpose
8- feasability
9- impact

It may add a little friendly competition and improve the portfolio section overall. I think we would be able to tell when someone is voting for themselves and the portfolio doesn’t match the grade. That is when the moderator could get involved and evaluate for themselves. I guess I am tired of seeing crap on coroflot. A more interactive portfolio section would promote competition and more involvement. It would also clearly divide the good from the bad. And if you should happen to end up with a not so exceptional rating it should make you want to be in the upper level.
Come on moderators lets here what you have to say.
Does anybody else have any improvements?

you can’t rank design!!!
design is like art dare i say. you say picasso i say pisscasso

Design as in Industrial Design is not art. You rank the designer’s protfolio projects on manufacturablity,marketability,originality and skill set as in CAD and sketching. Qualities that can get you a job or work.

u can’t rank design, design is not a sport.
what you think is good design may not be to me.
any idiot can make something manufacturable. what we do is not rocket science, and i am not just out of school. have worked and made my living in product design for the last 12 years.
just becuse something sells alot does not mean it is a great design. the function of the product may be its best selling feature.
lets see what products are out there that have sold a lot and been bad designs??? i think if we all put our heads together we could think of one or two. and i design every day!! and you know what i am an artist, always have been and always will be. was da vinci an artist or a designer?? or can you be both?

you could be anything else you want besides a designer and be influential in it like davinci was. but raphael for instance, although a renaisance artist, wasn’t a designer or an architect.

you can rank design just like you can rank art. but it would be segmented to a degree.

you rank art on its importance. that’s how art is sold. if a painting is considered important for its time it demands a higher price. maybe the artist didn’t make a penny on it at the time of creation but the dealers made millions on it later.

that’s why beside designers there’s a need for design connoiseurs hopefully not like the ones in art who work in favor of people who pay them more or politically motivated.

design for a while went into this loop starting in the 50’s and inherited a rock and roll attitude in the 60’s which has been prolonged up until today but right now the manufacturers are facing a problem because they have witnessed a difference between art and design which is defined by two main factors: mass production and marketability. two things that an artist is least concerned about. atleast an honest artist.

but for a designer it’s totally opposite. if design ignores these fundamental issues is like an artist denying sensation.

design as pop art is something people confuse with real design. that’s not what designers should be doing in the first place. but unfortunately some fall in that category whther they like it or not. they rather think of themselves as high fashion/high trend design. this is a matter of consumer choice. but even this type of design can be ranked.

the problematic is that a very high end production method could be used to make a very ordinary design. just on that puzzling fact the object itself could be considered high rank to some but design wise might be nothing special.

so ranking is a must for those serious about their environment not neccesarily in a competative way but rather in a concious way being aware of what is reflective of the possible innovative technologies and production methodologies.

I want to add one more thing to the list: how well the designer’s solution met the clients criterias.

An artist can do whatever he wants. Designers answer to their clients not to themself. Only when there is a blatant safety or moral disagreement should a designer disregard what the client wants and take a stand. Then again this should be the principal of any professional and individual.

We’ve long discussed ranking of portfolios at Coroflot. For all the reasons stated above, and more, we’ve never done anything about it.

However, we’re currently working on a new version of Coroflot and a ‘rating’ system is part of the plan. This will not launch with the initial rollout (coming next month) but will follow shortly after.

We’re thinking of a ‘rate my project’ system. It will have to be similar to the Hot-or-Not type of ranking, as a thorough evaluation of how successful a project is, how well it met the client needs, whether it succeeded in the marketplace, etc etc. will make the ranking effort too complex.

Rather, users will submit projects from portfolios for rating. People will vote 1-10 on the project. Projects with the highest ranking will ‘win’ and be featured on the home page. Users with the highest number of collective points will ‘win’ and will be featured as our most highly ranked members.

There will be a few other means of interacting with this system. The main purpose will be to build a self-generating system that will constantly feature good projects and people. We’ll rely on the power of numbers to make it work - people who vote highly for their own projects will be outnumbered by the legitimate users.

I realize this is not the most sophisticated system possible. This is also quite possibly not even helpful?! But we’ll try it and see if it works out.