New Coroflot Design

As someone who does websites for a living I have to say that I was hoping for a little more in your coroflot updates, I’m underwhelmed.

A few suggestions,

My first instinct when I’m on the main page is to click on the words “jobs” or “people” to get into those sections because you’ve made them so big. But nothing, clicking on it only shows me that you’ve used oversized text which isn’t linked to anything, and it looks pixelated. The least you could do is make it a link and throw a “text-decoration:none” on it. I know you’re trying to make this easier with the tabs but if my choice is tabs and 100pt text, the text wins.

Also, it could be my monitor but the low contrast thing doesn’t work for me. If you went a few shades darker on the grey it would make the pink stand out more and look really sharp.

Finally, you guys seem to always leave the Doctype off your pages or use older ones for HTML. It would be nice to see a design site actually use correct Doctypes and validate their code. Running Core77 and Coroflot through the w3c validator kicks out a ton of errors.

its kinda hard to keep a low profile looking for jobs at work when the front page says “JOBS” in a pink, 72pt, easy to read font.

I would like to make it simpler to skip from one portfolio to the next while inside a portfolio.
A “next portfolio” icon, or “index” icon inside a portfolio would be cool so that you dont have to skip back to the index all the time. I like to take in a bunch of portfolios at a time- stream of consciousing a bunch at a time saves me some time