new corfolio - what do you think

alright, I’ve just started putting some work together for an online presence
started with a corfolio
please let me know what you think be as critical as you like i promise not to cry
also what do think for the spare section sketchwork or an extra project?

Hey man,

Good renderings, the iwatch is a little hard to understand. The ear buds are a cool idea. I would add more sketching or at least have a full page showing your sketching skill. Over all you are showing some good skills, keep it up.

It’s all good, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen a thousand times before whilst trawling through end of year shows at design schools. On the plus side, the renderings are great, as is your use of people to show scale and use of the product.

On the downside, the Apple look has been done to death, if I see any more ‘i’ derivatives, I’ll scream. I know you students want to make stuff look as ‘real world’ as possible, but just think, Jon Ive and the guys at Apple probably came up with that idea and binned it, like 4-5 years ago! Just think what cool stuff they’re designing now for the future, that’s gotta be your mindset, where would you take the Apple brand? It’s not about sticking an ‘i’ before the name with a white background, come on you’re an industrial designer, not some lame marketing man!

Ok, rant over, don’t wanna piss on your parade but now get back to that sketch pad, hammer out some blue sky shit, it doesn’t matter if it’s rough and ready, just stick it up on the web.

Peace, Joe


the rendering do kick ass :smiley:
I need more views though, this is a good teaser, but I can’t see the whole design (stroller)

the graphics are nice too

But ok, please help me understand the need for such a formed ear-piece, is this the way it would be for everyone, or does it form to each person. It looks…well it looks like a…anyways, I’m not stickin’ that in my ear :confused:

I’d love to see some sketching and a full view of the stroller and people using it.

As for iHear, put an outline of a ear behind the buds or something for scale, because out of the context it looks like a cumbersome hybrid of hitachi’s magic wand and a butt plug.

I like the layouts and the quality of renderings. nice and clean.

nice renderings as was said, great feel to the layouts (line drawing guys and what not)

This shows you are a capable designer, try to take it up a notch and show that you are a must have on someone’s staff.

Show how you think through thumbnail sketches. Show how you edit and refine your ideas through concept sketches. Show how you develop ideas through color 2d renderings. Show how you explore form, function, constuction through study sketches and models.

All of the forms look like they where designed to be easy to model in 3d. Design to how the product should be, not to your software capabilities.

you have the basics solidly in place (other thatn sketching), a great foundation to build on.

cheers for all the feedback

will take it all on board and get a new version up soon

the watch was half reversed engineered from the stark fossil, had been a bit unsure about using it will sort it out

Nice and clean color sense.

Need more process to be shown. More 2D and 3D sketches. What about any actual prototypes for your design? Stroller need some more work. It looks too industrial to me than baby-friendly. It looks like it was designed for fashion victim mother. Fashion and trend is very important, but don’t follow the current trend for the student portfolio. You must lead the trend. If you think your ability to show your sense on trend market is important, show more of research based pages-both design and market researches.
I see only four pages of folio. Why not using all five? Take advantage of coroflot’s offer. Also the resume line should be more professionally written. It should look more like an actual resume than just a statement because that’s more easier to read and also that’s what lot of companies are looking for. It’s just another basic ability in job finding.

Not bad visuals…but the Stroller looks a little to much like a Bugabo Frog.

The design concepts are great, but the pictures are way big. :open_mouth: It’s like looking at everything through a magnifying glass. Even coroflot suggest taming the pic size for easier viewing. Still, it’s looking pretty good overall.

Your work look s very good. I would agree to show more thumbnail sketches and design process. You really need to include a resume.

Nice work. You modeled your stroller in SolidWorks? What did you render it with?

I agree with some of the other comments - push the envelope with some blue-sky concepts.

the pushchair was done in solidworks and rendered using photoworks
im currently reworking the earbuds for use by uncover store detectives, and bouncers etc to be less clumbersome and obvious than the brick radios currently used
also taking a look at another couple of past projects with the intention of gtting something a bit more blue sky to put up
cheers for again for advice

One quick question, I’ve tried to get some better results with photoworks for soft good…no dice. What material did you use to get that nice ‘soft’ look on your stroller?


the material is worsted, with material type as plastic (can’t remember if i changed this or its automatic) then experimented with changing ambience, diffusion etc to get the look i wanted