New Corfolio Pages... Feedback Really Appreciated

Finally got around to making a coroflot site. I like the new tools and interface to the new coroflot site. Pretty much made my portofolio site superfluous.

Anyways, lemme know what you think!

Too much information?

Confusing layout?

Not enough sketching?

More rendering?

More CAD?


I hear you, the new tools are so good, it is almost a double of my folio site.

A few biased opinios: take em with a grain of salt…

I like the layouts on the Koolant Koolers pages. I think the rendering on your Stryker EMS page 6 is your most dynamic 2d render, but unfortunately it is greyed out. Page 4 in that series is just not popping for me.

I think the first project is very nice, and it would sing more if the layouts had the same level of sophistication as your second two projects.


Hello, here goes my first impresions:

1: images lack contrast

2: is there anythic that you could do with the screen on “Stryker Telemedicine (2 of 4)” so it doesn´t look blank?

3: I like the sketches on “Stryker Telemedicine (4 of 4)”, but a little color could do well too.

4: Koolant Koolers (2 of 4): Can you immprove the render? Looks a little dated.

5: Overall I see enough materials to know the way of thinking, but I can´t see as many examples as I would like about styling. That could be good or bad, depending on your carreer goals.

6: You need to work on the contrast, images look too washed out :wink: DON’T BE SHY, MAKE IT APEALING!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to write some feedback.

I’ve updated my pages and fixed some layout issues…

1_ added an image so that the screen isn’t blank
3_ reduced the ‘transparancy’ layers that I had
2_ hah, the ‘renders’ on page 2 of the KK project area actually pictures of the final model.
3. Added some more sketches.

I guess at this point, i’m gonna keep sketching and working on some projects to keep me busy.


Cn you work on the Snowboward boot materials? It´s a good proyect to show photoshop rendering skills.

Try to look at other shoe designers portfolios and see the rendering styles.

best regards,


Jonathan, nice updates man, looks much cleaner and shows off your work more.

agree with Nico on the boot, but I assume it is a quick sketch for the PDF sketch sessions?

Good stuff.