new corefolio v6...?

It’s a new version of coroflot is coming soon…

I Just noticed this logging into core today. I’m surprised it hasn’t been posted on the main page or discussed here already.

check it-


seems a bit too much focused on the social media thing to me from what they explain. I’d rather have more focus on the portfolio aspect personally rather than inventing all sorts of social things that most people will never use. how about larger images? upload of PDFs? Movies? A more customizable portfolio page so you could use it as a mini website?..

Of course I won’t pass any judgement until it’s out and it’s great the core people are looking to improve and update so soon after the last great revision.


I agree R. I would rather have people focuss on my work rather than little gizmos and what not. Also being able to customize the page would be great. This would allow each persons folio to be unique and let them put their stanp on it.

Maybe this is the Facebook page I’ve always dreamed of…

Maybe we can have music playing behind our portfolios and constant GPS tracking of our locations.

I personally think that the simple “add to network” and group function is enough social activity for this site. After all, it is a portfolio/job post site. I personally would love to see these additions…

-full screen slideshow function for all images(like flickr, etc.)
-upload of pdf’s
-a personal blog section on the user’s ‘featured page’
-more personalized job posting/inquiry alerts

One option for a a social network addition which I think may be interesting could be one giant virtual map of images based on tag words, discipline, and location of origin…


I agree with the above opinions. I want more portfolio layout customization. This is actually why I’m putting my portfolio on Carbonmade, because it has a cleaner layout. Unless the new Coroflot version is better, I’ll probably reference the Carbonmade link for that reason.

The more it’s made like a social-networking site, the less seriously it will be taken as a means of looking for potential employees and showing work to others.

Totally agree, everyone. There are plenty of social network type portfolio sites already. I guess from the preview images it feels more like deviantart with a focus on design work and not on designers. Is this better?

I’d like coroflot to be clean and more professional (like carbonmade), focus on designers’ portfolios, with adjustable layouts, some customization, video, larger pictures as mentioned. The groups feature is novel.

I’m sure there’s more but:

uber (RIP)

I second the ability to customize the look of your corefolio. Something like wordpress or blogger so that the corefolio becomes a mini-site would be awesome.

Hey Folks,

The new version of Coroflot launched yesterday. Take a look around and tell us what yo think.

We’ve noted all the feedback posted here and gathered through other channels. We have al ist of items that did not get into this release that we’ll continue to work on. But your thoughts and input are definitely welcome.


yeah i don’t think employer’s would like sifting through everyone’s personalized UI and stuff though… the nice thing about a universal layout is that employers can browse through easily and get to the good stuff quickly…

I would think that there would be a method to share common navigation elements while allowing customization, but then again I am not a coder.

hmmmm… checking out the “new” coroflot to be honest i can’t really see anything new (that is really useful). i’ve read through the list of new features, and maybe i’m kinda dense, but i don’t get it.

would be great to get an enhanced portfolio page IMHO rather than these periphery features. uploading of PDF, larger images, flash or otherwise presentation format slideshows, direct links to images/content, etc.

just my 0.02$ worth, but i certainly do appreciate all the hard work done by the fellow core-ers to improve things!