New core77 UI

Your login should be the same across both the forum and the main page.

Same problem with login here today.
Getting a “help” link mailed to the emailadress helped “reset” it.



I know Stu and the team have worked very hard on this, so I’m conflicted. I can appreciate the drivers for a new site (more revenue, more visual, better integrated to other core77 properties, etc.), but yet I have much the same comments as already expressed.


  1. Had the same issue with login today. Had to reset the password. Then had to complete the profile, but the avatar upload is broken. No indication of what size it should be and when uploading a square image it would make it off center. Crop button doesn’t work. Tried several things, then give up and closed the page. Luckily it seems the old avatar is still here. I have no no idea where I access that profile.

  2. These giant headers take up way too much screen space.

  3. I also second the link-baity content style. Not a fan. Will never read. Ever. I want to be able to read MORE content by browsing, not less. I will not click on just a small photo and one line of text if I don’t know what I’m going to find. Could be an in-depth article, or just a photo. It’s a waste of my time.

Titles don’t help as Nxat already said. “Top 10 designs that will make you amazed. You won’t believe number 5!”

  1. Appreciate the overall “design” but I don’t find it useable. Mix of different kind of content, and not knowing what is new makes it all but useless for me. Even worse that I can’t see if anything is original content or just a repost of some buzzfeed or yanko design crap. I’m not clicking on anything as a result.

  2. Fonts are all wacky here in the forums, but I think that it is a result of a global theme or something. I’m pretty sure the forum look will get redone to match somewhat at some point in the future.


I appreciate a refresh, but at the same time this is why usually things are staged on temporary servers and reviewed before going life. Using a live site as your test ground is risky, and it upsets users enough to make them reconsidering going back to a site.

Some of it is just basic design sensibility though, I have a 1/2" worth of white bar, then the giant header, then a link telling me to “join”, then the old forum that has had the CSS randomly tweaked to make it completely inconsistent.

FYI, there was a preview and dev site before it went live. Moderators checked it out and provided some feedback, though we were not involved in the design or development.


The old layout was really dated but at least I could find things. This new layout is a disaster. I have no idea what is going on. It’s like a shot gun blast of random information on the front page, with no attempt at organization or visual hierarchy. For a “design site” this UI is especially horrible.

In that case it just seems like it should not have gone live until the bugs were squashed and things like the style sheets were resolved across the whole site. I know trying to implement phpBB with a bunch of new code can be very tricky, but that’s all the reason to make changes smaller and more methodical before rolling things out.

It’s starting to grow on me. We’ll see.

Something that I don’t like is the hidden menu. I was searching this morning for the discussion boards and the awards sections. Just realized that I needed to click next to the 77 logo. Opps.

Password also stopped working on new “codex” structure. Had to reset, but figured that it only after I made a new user.

Have not been back to main page, the glaring difference between the reading the old version of a couple of articles and the new ADD versions of the same, example article the bowl article, just too much of an obvious reduction. I refuse to participate in page click generation.

I do spend some of my dog walk time thinking of possible link bait titles.

This Kickstarter Winner Never Expected Tooling To Cost This Much…

Steve Must Have Rolled Over When Apple Announced This Feature Of The iPhone 7

Seven Surprising Secrets Of iPad Car Sketching Revealed

Fascinating Jony Ive, Chuck Norris Link Finally Documented

University Student Ponders Chair Design Project. What Jim Says Next Sets The Topic On Its Head

All of the above will generate more clicks than giving a one or two paragraph summation of an article. The great thing is that they can be sold to all of the link aggregators and monetized. A whole new design interested demographic being brought from around the web into core77. Insanely great.

Spent the past day not being able to log in to the forum. Had to sign out of the single sign on the front page then sign back in.

Someone put Shaw’s amazing top 11 bait headlines on the front page!!!

Arrrrgh. Spent 20 minutes trying to login and getting to the boards. Not working.

I think I found the secret. You can’t login from the boards themselves. It will just take you to a profile page (that doesn’t seem to be the profile from the boards and has a broken avatar thing), but if you then go back to the boards (via a link or direct URL), it will show you not logged in. Trying to login again from the boards just puts you in a loop from hell.

If you go to the front page when you are logged in from the new profile thing, it will show you logged in (avatar is top right), but using the menu or any of the links from the front page to go to the boards will show you as not logged in.

I think the only way it works is to ensure you are logged out (hidden menu found by clicking on your avatar if yo are signed into the “new” (broken) profile), then log in via the login red box top right. Then somehow you will magically be logged in on the boards.

Hope this helps. I am about to re-try it to confirm, hopefully won’t get stuck in login hell again.


OK, forget all that maybe. Now it seems the login from the boards is working.

I don’t understand this at all. Or why I have two different profiles and avatars but they both use the same login. Can anyone from the dev team explain what is going on?



So many fun things so little time…

I changed the typo in the title.

Is that new? Or could I do that before?

Nope, you’ve always been bad at spelling. :wink:

To me the design seems to be optimised for phones and tablets and then forced onto desktop (like win 8 ), but I hardly ever read Core77 anywhere else than on my work computer. I can live with the design, but don’t like it much…

What I really would like to see changed back the old is to have “last from the discussion boards” in a format/position on the page where it isn’t lost in between the rest of the content and I really miss the possibility to go directly to the last post in a thread.

Took a look on my android tablet last night. Wow…that is a lot better than viewing it on a computer. Maybe I’ll do that from now on and save the forums for my computer time.

Ok, I’ve given it some time, I haven’t been too judgemental right out of the box but…

On an iPad, each time I go on to the main page, it loads completely blank and you have to tap the screen or scroll up and down before it will display anything.
Someone said that the top massive banner was to display latest news and would change, so far it hasn’t and the dart board still showing 07 is old news, when is it going to go away.
It’s a real pain in the @&£ to find the new content and when I do, an image and brief description isn’t enticing enough. Sometimes I can’t see comments on pieces either even though it says comments are there.

Not crazy about the new layout, though that could have to do with my preference with this site. I generally go to the recent discussion posts section first. With this format using my computer, I have scroll down… down… (and on the phone) down…, down… down, to get to that section. I’ll deal, however with the older format it was quicker to get to. A link at the top of the page would be nice, besides the one that drops me into the general discussion page.

I too have had login issues. I can’t seem to get to my most recent recreated account (a year or so ago - WSMI). I can see that it’s still in the system, but was automatically given a new account with name “Maker V2.0”? when I had no luck logging in and used the “Forgot Your Password” option. I can’t seem to change the “Maker” name or get to my old account. Maybe I’m missing something.

Maker V2.0
(aka Peter, aka WSMI)

OK once this posted officially I see that it must have linked to an, some, old account as it says I joined in 2006 and have 3 posts. Vaguely accurate and confusing as when I look at my post history it lists the most recent posts under WSMI.