New Core Site

Congrats, Core! Diggin the new site while also figuring out my way around it.

One thing I’m dearly missing is the ability to jump to the latest comment in a thread from the “Discussion Board” view on the main page. Any chance to bring that little navigation beauty back? Or maybe I’m missing the new way . . . ?


Thanks for the kind words Jacob!

I’ll add your request to our fix list. We should be able to get that back in.

So I’m a little unclear on something. Is the “Project Post” function only for projects one is personally involved in? Does this:

still apply for cool design stuff that one might want to share but had no part in creating?

The projects forum is indeed for projects you have worked on or are working on.

If you want to share something with the forums you of course can just post it in the appropriate forum. The Transportation and Footwear forums have this happening frequently. Of course general is a catch all.

If you have a suggestion is a good place to start.