New Concept in Stainless Steel Design

Please take the time to look at the new self assembly planter at

We’d appreciate any feedback, and there’s a chance to win one if you just spend a couple of minutes filling out our survey.


Yikes. That’s about 100 times more effort than I would ever want to put into a planter. Plus with all of the separate parts you end up with a bunch of exposed and mismatched seams.

You’d do better to laser-cut or stamp and score a single flat piece that the user could quickly bend into shape like Sam Buxtons famous MIKROman ( )

PS: What the hell is up with that illustration in the upper right?
PPS: Hire an english-speaking copywriter!

That survey needs major help. I gave up.

If you ask people to rank something from 1 to 5, you need to indicate whether 1 is the best or the worst.

The choices for multiple-answer questions are not properly thought out. There is one question about how we pay for things online. “Credit card” is not one of the choices (although PayPal is), and is only mentioned as “don’t pay with credit card.” You don’t give people a way to answer the question! Terrible design.

Field names don’t line up with the text that goes with them (name, email address) and there are no doubt many others but as I said, I bailed out quickly because it’s way too frustrating to fill out a survey that makes you work so damn hard.

Hire a survey designer, otherwise your learning - such as it is - will be completely worthless.