New Cintiq 21UX: 2x the sensitivity, still not widescreen =(

Super boring! This is what they came up with after three or four years since the last model?

Where is the touch screen technology they demonstrated at that Solidworks presentation?

Where is the lightweight styling from the 12-inch or the Bamboo line?

I guess it’s the same with everyone who has a monopoly position within a marketplace. Wacom, Adobe and Autodesk have all stagnated in their progress. I guess people who defend them says they have “matured”. I say bullshit. They’re just laughing at you all the way to the bank.

I don’t mind the industrial look of the back, but the front interface buttons seem so unrefined, and I refuse to get one until they release a widescreen model.

Well, with “light weight styling”, I should have skipped the word styling and just said “light weight”.

I’ve heard talk about the vehicle industry beginning to go back to Intuos instead of Cintiq, because of the arm and wrist stress the bulky Cintiq causes after prolonged years of use.

The 12-inch, with its portability was a huge step in the right direction. Why couldn’t they do the same light weight design for the larger screen?

Underwhelming. Hopefully whatever upgrades they do the 12wx will be more substantial. I’m curious to see how the doubled pressure sensitivity feels though.

My first generation Cintiq died some months ago. Suddenly I had no more screen and tablet.
Now I’m using the Wacom Intuos and the Mac led screen. And I must say it’s a better setup than to work with the cintiq.
Much more ergonomic and $$$-friendly :wink:

And yep…not impressed at all. I wished they came up with a Ipad-pro :wink:


Haha, yeah, you should check out the Modbook Pro.

It’s an actual real product, using Wacom OEM technology and it’s been out for over a year now, I think.

I currently want it more than I want a Ferrari. :slight_smile:

Especially since it is as expensive as one :wink:

Still thx for the link.

Shoot, and I bought my Cintiq late 2008.

One thing that would be great is if Wacom was able to fine tune the pen sensor. On all the big Cintiqs I’ve tried, and on mine, if you get the pen too close to the edge, the cursor jitters. A real pain when I got mine as I thought I had a defective one. I bet they haven’t licked it as it’s just the way it is with the current technology.

So I have to move my palettes inward a bit so the shaking cursor would settle down and I can pick a tool! :smiley:

It will be interesting to try this new Cintiq and see how the new sensitivity will feel when sketching. If as advertised, it might be pretty neat. Maybe it’s not so fantastic in terms it being thinner and wider and lighter, but if it draws better, maybe it’s worthy.

I had not heard of this issue of arm issues for people using a Cintiq all day. I’ve spend some hours on mine. But I do stop and get-up and move about. I’m more worried about absorbing EMF radiation from it!