new candy packaging - pliable

I’m trying to come up with some concept ideas for a new candy - which is formed by mixing a liquid with powder which creates a “cool effect.”

But the challenge is the packaging. It needs to be cheap, one time use obviously, where the kid breaks something or opens somehow one compartment that contains the liquid or powder, then mixes it with the counterpart. Also needs to be transparent for the effect and to see it mix. Anyone have any ideas on existing applications? Other candy products that do this, or other industries? Pharm, med? Food?

I think I’ve seen a drink bottle concept somewhere that has two compartments that you can mix. Also kind of like that drain cleaner with two different liquids.

how’s about a plastic bag type of packaging similar to an IV bag, that has two separate compartments connected with some sort of hard plastic connector. When you snap the connection (like a glowstick), the powder falls into the lower liquid part. not sure what the consistency of the mix would be in order to get the contents out, but you could rip a perforrated corner or something.

could also be in a blowmolded LDPE container tube light a glow stick as well…

sounds cool. would be neat even if the two mix to form some sort of a gell/foam that is somewhat solid and forms into a cavity in the mixing container to give you an instant gummy bear sorta thing.

somewhat similar, I’ve seen a japanese drink where there is a glass marble in the neck of the bottle. Ramune - Wikipedia


Yes, the IV bag material is good. It needs to be flexible in that the user can knead and mix.

The “breaking” of the barrier is the difficult part to engineer, cost effectively as well as functionally. The break must be clean in that no pieces of plastic breaks off into the mix.

I’m thinking there’s a main compartment with the powder already in it, then another secondary compartment from which you squeeze the gel from? but controlling that barrier is the problem.

Throwing some concepts out there…

  1. break - a capsule or barrier that you break inside the package
  2. wall - you slide a wall or barrier out introducing the two ingredients
  3. rupture - you squeeze the hell out of the package and there’s a thin wall that “goes first”
  4. clip - a physical hairpin like clip is the barrier and you slide it off. - is this a manufacturing nightmare? I envision the “tube” clipped at the middle, then the two compartments are filled, then the two ends hermetically sealed. possible?
  5. spout - you tear open a long neck spout, squeeze the gel into the main compartment, then mix then squeeze out? Ideally, I’d like the mix happen before anything is opened, and the opening happening just before eating. Also may not be as fun mixing with an opening.

    The “epoxy” idea is cool as well. So the goop hardens in the shape of a mold (reusing the clamshell package) and what you end up is a hard candy.

There’s lots of patents & concepts out there on this type of thing. The trick is getting it to work. I’ve seen a few come by for flexible pouches but none worked all that well so it never went anywhere. Could have sworn I saw another closure system but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was.

This was the product I was looking for, Pop n’ Shake:

Now I know why I couldn’t find it before - sadly the company is going out of business after 48 years.

I like that Pop n’ Shake, pretty cool. A variation along those lines, your cap is foil sealed with the powder, when you twist it down, the bottle has a feature to pierce the foil, releasing the powder. I did an HIV test like that that had lyophilized reagent that is reconstituted with liquid.

There are a few different products that do this. If you check out the cheaper more “Gimmicky” candy, you will find all kinds of stuff like this. The first product that comes to mind that is not food is Epoxy. This releases two chemicals that when mixed together form the glue. This could be cool if the candy could create that “cool effect” in the mouth. Other options are as mentions clear flexible pouches.

One question I have is what is this “cool effect” you are talking about? This may help in picking the proper package.