New book!

Anyone seen this?..

Thinking of getting it for the studio. Anyone had a flick through?

There was a stand at Designersblock all about it…looked pretty good. You can buy it from Amazon UK Although thinking about it I might be confusing it with this one

the IDEO book on materials has some info on processes too which is pretty good.[/url]

Yeah, the author was a tutor of mine as CSM, as was Chris Lefteri. My only problem is Chris’ are a little too simple, not enough technical data but just simple snippets. I’m wondering if Robs is better… didn’t make it to Designersblock this year.

Yeah I would have to agree, Chris’s books are a good insight but can leave you a little lacking when you want some more.

That ‘Processes for Design professionals’ was the one I saw at Designerblock.

The stuff they had on show was very well done, they had lots of examples on show and even had a multi core injection moulding tool.

Ah fudge, why do I always miss the good stuff. Thanks for the info man

just saw that book yesterday at peter miller.
i almost bought it… ill probably buy it online though… (50 bucks less than in store)

i flipped through it and it’s the best book on processes i’ve come across for sure.