New Book : Thoughts on Interaction Design


I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new book I’ve written on
Interaction Design entitled “Thoughts on Interaction Design”. The book
defines and positions the profession of Interaction Design as a strategic
and intellectual pursuit, focused on the complexities of designing for

You may find this book interesting if you are:

  • a practitioner, engaged in designing products, systems and services
  • a researcher, considering the nature of designing for experience
  • a student, learning about the relationships between people and the
    designed world

Please visit to learn more or to
purchase the book.

Thanks so much for your support,
Jon Kolko

I am actually very new to the entire concept of interaction design (literally found out about its existence a little under a month ago). I am currently in research gathering phase and your book has been on my “to be purchased list” since day 1. It should be arriving from Amazon shortly, and I will post a review after i get done with it.

I am not completely sure if an absolute beginner to the field is the audience you meant to write for, but it will at least be interesting feedback. :smiley:

Congratulations Jon! Best of luck with the book!

I saw the book many time and decided to start reading it, look interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

The book is sold out and out of print, but you can download a free .pdf here:


Thanks for the download link, I thin I will print it for better reading!