New Book "Ever since I was a young boy..."

There is a new book out with portraits of the “9 most influential car designers, who are responsible for 90 percent of the cars on the market, today”. (As the promo puts it…)

(Walter deSilva Page) ever since the 156 my hero.

A bit costly, but nice piece for more than the coffee table, nevertheless.

Sorry, only in German for the time being.


Looks great. This website offers what they say is the only English language version.


Just to clarify.

There are two versions of the book,

  • a German which is distributed solely on the German market by DeliusKlasing

  • the original English version which is only distributed by WAFT and hence only for sale through

And yes, it’s worth the read, even if we say so ourselves.


I do not have it yet, but I will gladly read

What I like about this book is that I had printed off those VW Up sketches and posted them at my desk for years as inspiration.