New Book - Drawing for Designers

Hopefully, I have not already put this topic up before.

I recently found an excellent book on drawing for Industrial Designers:

Drawing for Designers
by Alan Pipes
ISBN#: 978-1-85669-533-6

or see it at Amazon:

It shows the past, present and future of industrial Design Drawing. It has a few exercises.

A good one for the bookshelf.

And if you are a student, it is a must have.

There was a review of this book in this months new design magazine, looks pretty good. More about examples/styles than a ‘how to do’ book

Yo (Michael DiTullo) was featured in this book. I flipped through it at a local art supply store. It’s a great resource for design communication.

I al sow heard a lot of good comments on this book, maybe I should by it…

I haven’t gotten thru the entire book yet, but I have enjoyed it so far. I found it on amazon for $20 and its definitely worth it.

For anyone who is thinking of purchasing it, its not a “tutorial” book, but more of a reference type read. Its a nice book for the collection.

On a side note:

Yo, how does it feel to be in the place you are now in regards to your design career? On the back cover you are recognized in the likes of Graves, Loewy, Rashid, seymourpowell etc… Just curious to hear you thoughts…