new blog

i jumped on the blog bandwagon too…

cool. I like the dog painting!

thanks yo, thats my boy henry

lov’n the paintings. I would like to see more graphic ones. like your nike blazers- an more colors. or maybe repeated like andy warhol style…



MM Theres a new graphic one up today

I couldn’t post on the blog-dont have a password- or username. but.checked out the new stuff.

loving these graphic ones. I think this is a different style then what we are seeing. I am going to make you a list this weekend for maybe some T’s.

hot shyt- when are you having time? this is like a painting a day…



thanks MM Glad you like it. The T’s that i can do myself at this point are just iron on transfers but they did come out pretty good. I’m travelling fo the week so i wont be doing anymore but maybe when i get back i can work on some for you. and it is ususally 1 per night but not every night, i was inspired by you findingmy kendo in ID, which i picked up immiedtely. thnaks for the tip!


i changed the settings so you dont have to be a member to post and also allowed you to email my posts to others



thanks for changing the settings-

why just iron on? why not just pin down the t’s on to wood or board. then paint on top- let dry an then un-pin? with 1 a nite soon you could have thesee in stores. should next time when you come to NYC- drop by some of the shops in Soho-am sure they would carry a small order. I know a guy who went to parsons who did that with T’s… an then now owns Staple Design out here in NYC.

have you thought about screen printing these? that would be nice too. a lil more work but would like nice.

ye those kendos are nice. still need to get a pair. cant find them in my size.



i did a quick check around and it was mad expensive to screen print unless it was over 100 shirts, todo 20 it was like 16$ a pop and then went down to $6 at 100 shirts, I jsut dont have the cash to lay it out now but if people say thy want shirts maybe i could take some names and see how many i get…go order when i get a certin #…
I would need to pick a desgn too…not sure which that might be

stay tuned

Hypebeast just put my link up on the site!


cool. congrats

if the shirts would only cost me-60 for 10 shirts. I would do that. but then how much for you do it with the designs on it an everything?

haha sounds like you gonna start running a business on the forum…

I am sure you can get enough people to get this rolling…


I would prbobaly do 20-25$ but you have to add in shipping to people too. i’m still checking into it…maybe i’ll have something put together in a few weeks. I still have a few resoureces to hit when i get from vacay…arooba!

added a few new works in progress…


checked it out made some comments-

like the new graphic movement in the works. still explore more in this style. gave suggestions/comments on the blog.

I had some questions for you, as far as your intentions of the works, what was your goal in mind how did you want us to read them or understand them…

a lil something about it when posting them would I think start more discussion on the works.



thanks mark. You have some good points, i might try to add sponged color to the black/black

btw, i’m looking in to screen printed tshirts but i would need to buy at least 100 of them…anyone other than Mark interested and if so, which design?



I have begun writing my blog these days, and I have had great interest in it soonly. It is a space that only belong to myself. I can say what I really think from my heart, I can say something that I can’t say on common days, I can find some real friends who share my happiness and all mine.
I like your blog style.

I’m thinking of starting a blog too - but it will be as much about our quest to buy and live on a boat as a general work blog. I see so little of my friends and family I reckon it would be a way of letting them see what I am up to…

A friend of mine did that when he moved here to the US thinking his parents would like it and all his friends back home love it…