new blog - trend & forecasting - free

I am a designer who very recently resigned from my job after 15 years in corporate design to start my own consultancy - seed. As part of the creative process in having a consultancy - I have started a blog - design seeds (

design seeds offers color & trending services. The inspiration work is much like I have been hired to do over the years and now offer clients as part of the process (I specialize in footwear).

It is free…and yours’ to be inspired by. design seeds only ask that you keep all artwork intact and use it for your own inspiration or to supplement in your presentations when presenting trends or inspiration.

design seeds is also launching a feature called “locally grown” which highlights artists and designers from the Madison/Chicago/Detroit area.

You can sign up to receive design seeds via email - it is a daily update sent Mon - Fri. Trend and forecasting sent straight to your Inbox - free.

Visit design seeds @

Friends share trends…tell a friend or coworker and spread some design seeds.