New Blog - Can a link be shared here?

I know a blog is not an extremely popular thing these days, but I’m starting a new one with very personal opinions related to design & transportation design. The question is…

Is it fair to post the link of the blog here or I need to post the content here?

If I post the link, the viewers should get information outside this incredibly community and I don’t know how fair is this.

Hope you all are safe. Thanks for your time.

sure thing, go for it. Thanks for checking first.

Thank you for the green light.

So here is my first topic:
A personal opinion on the Top 5 established automotive brands that I believe they are crafting their brands trough design. It’s not a very deep analysis but a light one with the objective of not consuming too much time to read it.

So here is the first post of 5 in total on this very particular topic:

The next one will come in the next weekend. Before everything else, than you for your time !!. Take care everyone !!

Your writing is horrible. After two paragraphs I couldn’t go on. If English is your first language, shame on you, if not, you need an editor.

Thank you for your time and input. Sorry for the bad experience on reading it.

English is not my first language but I’ll try to improve the writing. That’s one of the reasons on starting these blog.

It’s a great start. I like how you curated the Volvo design. You found some stuff I hadn’t seen before.

+1 for the courage to drop your link on a forum like this.

To drop the link is related to:

  • I can upload HiRes images into Blogger in a single post.
  • I don’t know if there is a limitation of the amount of data I can put into a post.

At the beginning I was planning to upload a lot more of these images in HiRes. Not a critic of the current structure of Core77 boards, just saying is easier to load large amounts of data in the Google backed platform.

Brand Number #4

Thanks everyone who stop by to read the post.

Hi Daniel,

If English is not your native language then I think you are doing a terrific writing job as a starting blogger.
Especially when compared to the average I see around here (Netherlands).

So congrats on setting that up and I like the topic of your first posts.
Next time go a little deeper, set up the structure of the article on paper and just post the entire article at once.
I do recommend a few basic courses on basic writing skills, creative writing, and grammar. Those are easily found online.
Or read a few English novels and pay special attention to the language structure.

It would be better to do a bit more research next time too. Tesla uses a ‘giant machine’. Well it’s not the Chocolate Factory, can you describe in more detail what it is. Readers will want to know. I also understand from your article that the cyber aesthetic is not just a conceptual Saturnalia but a serious move into the future of the brand. These are the kinds of things readers will be interested to find out.

Thank you for taking your time and give your advice. Appreciate it.

I’ll search for the courses you are referring. Also I started to looking at this Content Marketing and Copywriting Articles. For the reading, I’m trying to finish “The Ten faces of Innovation” by Tom Kelly & Jonathan Littman.

The original goal was to deliver a “light post”, easy to read, short to read. Also the brands where divided in 5 for practicality, but I’m going to give it a try to write everything in 1 piece and see how it works.

Good news you’re interested in knowing more about certain topics. It takes me by surprise to be honest. For the next post a little bit of more info wouldn’t be bad to add. Again, Thank you very much for your advice !!

Stay Safe & Take Care !!.