New Bertone Bat

The three Bat cars from Bertone and Alfa Romeo always fascinated me. They were the most over the top designs I think I’ve ever seen. Now, approaching its death, Bertone made a new Bat car. Pretty stunning:

That’s pretty sick!

I wouldn’t drive it everyday unless I had a cape and a sidekick, but I like how the surfaces are broken up.

BAT doe NOT stand for Your USA hero.

The cars where named BAT for “Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica.”


Even I was expecting something MORE
Not just reinterpretation of old BAT (aerodynamic form) through surface treatment
…but some more of Alfa Romeo current design language…

Does anybody know…why these vehicle called BAT5( 1953) BAT7(1954) BAT9 ( 1955) BAT11 ( 2008) ?

I realize that it isn’t a reference to Batman, but it may as well be. It looks like a car he could own. The fact that I didn’t mention Batman by name and just hinted at a superhero led some people to think “Batman” is pretty funny. Cool car, but still a little too much for everyday for me.

The originals were beautiful sculptural forms that where an extreme interpretation of the aviation obsession of the moment.

The new one is just a facetted remix of the old ones. Very nice, but doesn’t seem to be really a continuation of the philosophy. A nice homage I guess.

Yo: I guess the Reventon would fit more with the original BAT’s inspiration.

How about Bertone Bella?
Much better resolved surfaces …good language…

no the new one is not “very nice” its pretty hiddious, the old ones were great.

some more pics here. looks pretty sweet IRL setting.


The new BAT is interesting. i like it, but it is really nothing new and I doubt that it has much aerodynamic advantages since faceted surfaces are not the best when it comes to that.

The Bella was great and still looks good years later, if just a bit overweight in side profile. I wish it could have made it into production.