New beginning - industrial portfolio

Hi. I graduated from school, worked in a design studio for a year and a half, and then left.

Now I am looking for a new job with a simple outsourcing work.

I’ve done a lot of work in the design studio, but I’d also like to do some interesting concepts.

Where can I get concept ideas? How do you get funny ideas?

This is my portfolio site. Thank you for seeing my site and telling me what you think.

Would love constructive feedback on my portfolio website!

Portfolio Link:

  • I’d appreciate any thoughts/comments on the format, content, copy, etc.

Thank you!

gglee7, you have some very nice work. The renders are fantastic.

One suggestion I have is to remove the “confidential” project place holders or group them all at the end at least. Clicking through it gets a bit tedious to click on a project header only to see a “confidential” once you get there. You have enough projects that I’ don’t see the benefit of having those.

As far as getting concept ideas or funny ideas, it is really up to the individual. Most of the time it comes form being observant and noting ideas as they come to you. Each person is a bit different here. For me, often times concept project ideas arise from hanging out and talking with friends.

Hi Lee Seung,

I like your work, including the CG animations - you can consider doing hired work in that area too, I know several brands that have a demand for that style animations. I’m not sure if I would include all the gamer action on your design portfolio. Actually I am sure that I wouldn’t.

The web design doesn’t do your work justice - it feels aged with that vertical list scrolling UI, and it is not immediately clear that you can click on projects in the first place. The AI-related projects are most interesting, at least provide a teaser or a story of what it is about. There is no need to make them into clickable links if there is nothing behind it.
The design renders and outline sketches are charming.

I think Yo is right - idea generation is a very personal process in the end. For me, I have trained my brain to think laterally by means of Edward De Bono methods, among others. Now I try to think mostly of what a human need would be of a specific target group, then I link different ideas in my head until I have something I can work with. Talking with others to me is only distractive to this process, but it is helpful in order to reality-check your ideas or have different inputs to know where to evolve a concept towards. At the start of your career, group brainstorms can be beneficial just to get into the spirit, but they can also generate a lot of nonsense until one starts a serious discussion.