New Beats Studio headphones

Redesigned by Bob Brunner, who also designed the original Studio headphones, not Dr. Dre. :wink:

Been using them on and off for a little while.

I can truly say, they are pretty great.
…but of course, I might not be completely objective :wink:

How did you get them? They don’t ship for at least a few more days.

No, I am not LeBron James… I just work at Ammunition :wink:

Then who forgot to smooth out the highlight on the black rendering :wink:

Awwwwww snap!, No you didn’t.

Haha Eman, you would call that out. I’m definitely in favor of this design update. I’ve heard the entire band is continuous - absent of any flat sections - creating a better silhouette over the head.

The geometry is definitely more refined and less over the top without losing too much of the equity of the previously successful product.
good refresh.

Fun fact: Almost all of your favorite Dr Dre beats were ghost produced by Scott Storch who then blew a lot of that money on the craziest things possible. I do like these more I think.

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I’m starting to see the old Studio headphones on sale at fire sale prices now.

I’ve never previously thought of headphones as something with a shelf life. guess that’s the way everything is going. strange times we live in.

Apple buying Beats?

What? Everything has a shelf life, some longer than others.

A great example of this is the Koss porta pros. I’m a fan, they are cheap and they sound fantastic, but their design is horrible. The spring steel straps constantly get hair stuck in them, the foam pads are cheap and break down in a short amount of time, the speakers them self easily pop of their mounts ( which is by design, but after awhile the snaps wear down and it happens too easily), the spun metal disk and blue plastic housing look cheap, etc, etc.

Why in the world wouldn’t you redesign this product to address those issues and update the look? (I have some insight into that as I’ve done a small amount of work for the co. years back)

Do you understand the way product cycles work? As a maker of products, you can chose to make 1 thing for, say 20 years, but depending on qty, you will have to remake those tools at some point. You can chose to redesign at that time or you can rebuild the same thing. The capital spent will be similar. You can chose to redesign a product before the tooling needs to be rebuilt, but in that moment it a choice regarding the impact of the refresh vs the cost to build new tools before the old ones are no good.

I do believe there are some products that get worse the more that you monkey with them, but its rare.