New Balance Concept

Hey all,
Ive been a long time browser of these forums and I thought I should start to get involved.

I am a product design and Illustration major from Australia and I set myself the project to design a new sneaker as though I work for new balance. At my Uni they dont offer any classes in footwear design, so all my knowledge is based on the internet and various articles (a fair few sourced from this site.) so any further tips are very welcome.

My concept is to create a shoe that fits into the new balance stable but appeals to the sneakerheads who purchase a lot of their classic range currently (574,576,1500 etc) As a collector i dont agree with the constant cycle of re=issues and retroed models, because what are we going to wear in 10 years? re-issues of re-issues from the late 80’s? I am looking to create a new model that could become a future classic.

This is just a prelim render, just too show the general design/panels of the shoe. So critique the look of the shoe before you go to town on my poor rendering :smiley: BUT i also need crit and tips on that so feel free to draw, erase etc all over my design to help me. I’m looking to improve my design, not be patted on the back.

one more thing, the shoe is based on the NB1500 last.

Thanks a lot


Its hard to tell…I think your story at least has some good opportunity. I like the idea of thinking ahead 10 years and trying to anticipate what will be a cool classic sneaker. I think your challenge will be coming up with something that is very new and fresh for today in order that it can be a classic later…this doesn’t seem like it… It might help for you to post more of just your sketch process and offer more insight on your direction. From this rendering it seems hard to tell whats going on with the construction and some of the pieces. Also, maybe you can think about “classic” in a new way…think about the recently released ipod classic. Just a thought.