New Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan to come to the US

New Alfa Romeo Giulia. What do we think?

I feel like this is one of those cars I need to see in person to form a real opinion.

In pictures, it seems a bit frumpy, but there are a lot of cars that I dislike in photos and love in real life, so I am hoping this is one of them.

Like many, I’ve been waiting years for Alfa to come back to the states. I do think this is a good looking car, but in the photos I’ve seen so far, it looks more like a BMW with an Alfa nose Photoshop’d on.

I guess I was hoping for something a little more out there from them.
Perhaps in person it will feel different?

I agree with Jaded, it’s a 3 series with an Alfa nose and tail - I certainly hope they used a Caddy ATS and an AudiA4 as their template, though, because it’s going to need to have amazing handling to attract the right crowd (and enough of them) and BMW has lost it’s handling mojo of late.

Similarly, the 4C (their little coupe) looks great but sounds wimpy, has a slightly disappointing ride and doesn’t come with a stick…that’s not going to win many customers.

It seems to lack the customary Italian refinement. Especially the front, it is almost a caricature of BMW cars. I might change opinion once I see it in the flesh, but I doubt it.

I see Kia and Lexus too.

I think the body styling is too timid and conservative. I like the overall proportions (very much like 3 series) but the all the curves/lines/swoops feel a bit weak and held back, specially when compared to BMWs strong sidelines, curves on the hood etc. Front end is Alfa Romeo no doubt but could also use stronger form language. Take the grill and vents away and it`s an anonymous round bodywork from 2003 (maybe a bit harsh but…) Not saying it should be aggressive dynamic like a Bmw or clean like an Audi but at the moment it seems a bit “safe”.

I do like the design of the 4C a lot though.

What Coffee 87 said.

Played tooooo safe.

Very 2003. If you place it alongside the 159 and 156 you’d not know which car succeeded which.

It is symptomatic. The industry is really stalling right now. A lot of guys within it know that we need a fresh new start to cope with the
kyoto protocoll, but instead everyone (most of all the consumer) is saying, “lets play pretend it is 1960 again.” But you can’t do retro of retro.

So this “giulia” looks like a 3-series with a giant Alfa mask. Perhaps it is what we as a society deserve.


Have you seen the spy shots of the upcoming Miata based Fiat Spyder?

just looked. Reminds me of GM in the '80’s. “let’s put a Cadillac emblem on that Cavalier. Done.”