New Alarm Clock

My wife and I are redoing our bedroom. We have bought some great mid-century style furniture. The only thing is we still have my terrible digital clunky alarm clock from high school. It is an eye sore and I need one with style! I would like to keep it digital so I can see it at night, don’t want to spend a fortune, but of course want to be proud to put it on my night stand. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!!


Only one solution.


They were the first that came to mind. Totally hot and timeless!!


There are about a dozen sweet alarm clocks I’ve wanted over the past few years–I think my fav is the one with LEDs shining through a wood veneer), but I just can’t bring myself to buy something I absolutely don’t need, for two reasons.

1 - I have a phone
2 - My kids wake up at 5:30-7 every morning

Now, that Lumia 1020 on the other hand, will be a sweet alarm clock that takes amazing photos and makes great phonecalls. =)

Ha!! That is the way I felt for a while, though I have no kids…yet. That is why I still have my alarm clock from the early 90’s!! We bought a new house and have gotten some great furniture and can’t bring myself to put my awful old clock on the night stand.

I also have been looking at the veneer. Although buying a Braun would be a piece of design history, though don’t know if the wofe will understand the significance.


Somewhat like Cameron, Modern Man has a dog, cat and iPhone.

Modern Man also likes the Braun clocks and has an old one he uses more as a knickknack than as clock.

PackageID (Justin) still doesn’t understand why Modernman refers to himself in third person.


Saw this the other day. Pretty groovy.

Actually, more than 10. But perhaps no features matter as long as it’s a Braun…

I have a Philips Light alarm. If you hate getting up in the morning - this stuff works, seriously. I also like that you can dim the the digits to the minimal, they are visible in darkness but not in daylight. One of the thing I hate about 95% of the digital alarm clocks is that the digits illuminate the room at night way too much.

Are you guys familiar with the alarm sound of those Brauns???
A really unnerving didididit, didididit, didididit, that spirals into a brain killing creszendo within the first minute.
Ever wondered how zee Germans are always on time??

I smashed one Braun during my apprentice time and god forbid present me another.


This milled solid wood one is cool.


I’ve used this GE clock since I was about 9. I have to cover the snooze button because I can turn it off without waking up.

“Mid-century”, that would be 1950-ish.

mmmm mm … I’m not recalling any digital, in the current sense, clocks from the 50-60s. Then again you did say it was your furniture that was mid-century.

I’m thinking something along the lines of the illuminated “Digimatic” flip-clocks that Sony introduced in 1970. They came in black, white, or red (of all colors); mine was black. The alarm tone would raise the dead.

That just barely starts to favorable remind Modern Man of this gem(though granted it’s not a clock radio):

I had one of those sonys! Although the buzzer got damaged and it sounded more like a freighter horn going off than a buzz. My wife made me get rid of it because she hated the sound. It was the only thing that could get her out of the bed in the morning.

I love the braun, but I somehow feel like the digital ones have lost the identity of the brand a bit. Maybe that is because I just think of them as purely analog brand with classic simplicity.

I wonder if those were mandatory for anyone in Indiana to own? I remember having seen those EVERYWHERE growing up :slight_smile:

Takes one to know one Kinsman!

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Humans will never stop inventing new ways to actually get people out of bed.

Hey PackageID, I actually was on this same search for a nicer alarm clock. Personally I like to wake up to the radio, and I couldn’t find anything that was just right.

After lots of searching, I was really digging look of the Tivoli Audio Model 3.

The after reading some reviews on it, the cost and a few clock/alarm accuracy defects made me think of a new approach. Belkin sells these WeMo wifi accessable smart power outlets which let you set the exact time they turn on and off with the ability to set a different time each day all through a phone app.

I settled on one of these switches and a more affordable Tivoli Audio Model 1 and have been super happy with it. All I did was plug it into the WeMo switch, set my alarm time on and off during the weekdays on my phone and left the radio switched on. The WeMo turns the power to the radio on perfectly for a smartphone based and awesome looking, easily hacked together alarm clock. There’s no added light from a constantly running display and when I need to see the time which I just look at my phone.

Gerry: Brilliant use of a smart home product. I’m sure no one at Belkin was thinking of that use secenario.