New Alaris30 3D Printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:laughing: Just acquired a new Alaris 3D Printer by Objet. I’ve been in industrial design for 8 years now… Still breathing… If any of you designers out there are looking for a source to save a lot of money to have parts 3D printed without compromising precision for your models I would be willing to help out in any way according to your budget!
I hated paying soooooo much for prototype parts so I made the plunge an acquired an amazing machine to offset the high costs in prototyping… Drop me a response so that I can help in any way… Check out the U-Tube video of the ‘Alaris 30’ !!!

how much?

How much for parts to be built?

my apologies, how much for the machine?

Sorry if I posted a confusing announcement but the machine is not for sale. Just have the machine for my projects and was wondering if people needed help with theirs…