new 7series F01

I will reserve final judgement for the presentation at the local dealer, but I for one do respect,
that they were willing and able to come back to a clean line.


I like the headlight. I have to say, it looks like BMW is sliding back. This thing reminds me of the new Vauxhall Vectra replacement, the Malibu and a Hyundai. It doesn’t look like the top of the line $100,000 limo.

Also, I like that google is on the touch screen. I guess this is a big selling point for someone?

Not sure how I feel about it. I’m very fond of the current model year 7 series. I really don’t like those new tail lights.

Did they lower the price? last I checked the 7’s ran about 133 before tax and such. It is a neat headlight though. i like the ones on the saab’s, sorta looks like an eyebrow, and angry eyebrow.


(that white bar at the top is a string of led’s and just sort of glows)

Carton: Starts at $76k before tax for the v8.

the 760 is the pricey one… I like the new design. Particularly the front third of the car. It really flows well.

Ahhh, yes, the v8, I’ve never actually payed attention to the v8, as the 760 also comes with a v12, going 0-60, stopping and going up to 60 again in the time my old chevy did it once.

Don’t get me wrong, a v8 is great if you feel thats all you can handle, but I just really feel like I need those extra four cylinders to get to work every morning and take my son to the park in the evenings.

Does this scare anyone else:

People googling while driving scares the shit out of me.

Like the TV-function this is supposed to work
at standstill only.

well, it is supposed to…

what scares me more is the wild use of surfaces and textures.
But it´s supposed to look rich, I think.

I actually look at that interior and think it looks like it belongs in a 1980’s vehicle. I wonder if that is intentional.

Looks like an uninspired limo for Asia to me… but maybe it will grow on me though…the 5 series certainly did,
6 series - no ,
3 series - yes ,
z4 - no . . . .
1 series - yes,
old seven series…yes-ish
…hmmn, bmw are seeming kind of hit n miss to me…I wonder if perhaps they are just trying to keep their options open and please both the conservatives and the radicals amongst us.
…I did fall head over heels for the GINA concept though!

In Photos I’m not feeling it, but I think this car might read better in person. The proportions will most likely be awesome (look how short the front overhang is in the side view) and it looks like their might be some great sections in the hood that are not reading in photos… looks like they are inspired by that 4-door coupe concept they did last year.

I have almost differing BMW taste from Wallflower for some context

1 Series. OK
3 Series Sedan. No way
3 Series Coupe. Yes
z4. Yes
z4 Coupe. YES YES!
5 Series. Yes (grew on me)
6 series. YES!
7 series. OK.