New 3D software to learn? (NYC bound)

Hello core77 members :slight_smile:

I’m moving to NYC next summer and will be applying for jobs soon after.

For the last 5 years I’ve used SolidWorks primarily to model all projects with help of illustrator, photoshop and keyshot to sketch/render. I realize that not knowing Alias/Rhino/alternative 3d program ID companies use puts me at a huge disadvantage, as some companies won’t even glance at your portfolio if you don’t have proper training in software they use. I’m hoping to learn a new software and be able to hit the ground running. So the question is:

Does anyone know which 3D software is used the most by NYC/NJ companies in the toy/housewares/gear business?

Region has very little to do with it.

From some of my experience:
-Pro Engineer is heavily used in larger corporations, especially those that work heavily with Asia for products which require large assemblies.
-Solidworks is still very popular, and should not put you at a disadvantage. If you are getting a Jr or entry level position their is usually an assumption you will need some time to transition software.
-Rhino (and to a lesser extent Alias) is very popular due to it’s low price and ability to do much more sculptured NURBS based objects. If you learn the skills needed in Rhino (which is cheap and easy to learn) then you can later transition those to Alias fairly quickly. Alias has a much steeper learning curve due to the UI which is tuned to power users.

Since you already know a Parametric Solid modeler, I would pick up Rhino to give yourself the best coverage.

Hi Mike, thank you for your reply.

Sounds good, I will learn Rhino and continue to polish skills in SW. I’ll be applying for mid-level position next year, and hopefully have learned Rhino to jump right into a project by then. :smiley: