New 100 dollar bill

Also: interactive flash tour of the security features

That blue ribbon is gross

There was a bill designed by Ben Franklin for Pennsylvania in the colonial days. He purposely misspelled Pennsylvania in order to discourage counterfeiters by fooling them into thinking they were trying to copy an already counterfeit bill. I think the idea behind this new bill is make something so ugly no one would want to copy it. Good job!

This is why I stick by the notion of counterfeit pennies… No one would ever think to check those!

Muha… Muha… Muhahahaha!

I wonder why they made these changes to the 100, before revising the accessibility concerns:

Every bill is exactly the same size with no indication of what is what. A blind guy I knew used to fold his bills in certain ways to know what he had in his wallet, but that also took a second person telling him what bills they were. That takes a considerable amount of trust, and as it turns out his ex-wife bilked thousands of dollars from her.

I think the 3D security ribbon could give an opportunity to differentiate bills in a systemically simpler and easier to use manner than changing the size of the bills.

  • could be the distance between weave segments, width of band , or even small debossed features