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Need some clarification here: is it a model shop position or a design position? I.e. are you just making models for the designers, or will you be doing the designing and modeling?

I don’t know much about salaries for modeling, but $9 is really low for entry-level design position (wait, don’t full-time jobs usually offer salary by year?). Even the lowest paid internships I’ve been offered didn’t go below $12. However, $12 is really low to live in NYC. Depending on where you job is, it could actually be worth the equivalent of NYC’s $12 if you do some living cost adjustments.

But wait, doesn’t the salary negotiation come after you get the position? :wink: I’m sure there’s room for negotiation if you can make a case for living costs, etc.


Regarding you not being too proud, I do think you are being too proud: going to a reputable school does not mean you should get a bigger pay check. I’ve seen people slack through reputable schools to be stranded without a job. Let’s see your folio, and maybe we can give you some tips to get you in some doors! :smiley: