Never buy another one of these...

Over the years I don’t know how many of these things we’ve gone through in our kitchen. Some were good but most were mediocre at best … and only marginal at cleaning vegetables or doing dishes. They seem to last only for about three month.

And then I realized that I had the perfect “kitchen brush” down at the shop, in fact, I had just purchased a new one; an automotive parts cleaning brush. Stiff as hell, up to scrubbing carrots, potatoes, and such, but really well suited to pre-washing dishes, and especially well suited to the pots & pans job. Boiling water, and dishwasher safe for cleaning and available year after year, at about $3.00US. And the best part … I’ve been using this one of almost a year.

Now if I can just adapt the vacuum cleaner to run off of my 10hp air compressor… . …

But can you brush your teeth with it?

But can you brush your teeth with it?

wuh, yeah!

You may want to be careful that all the parts in that are foodsafe. Last thing I want in my taters is some mystery plastic.