what should you do at a networking meeting??? - i have been invited to one and don’t know what to say or do ?


Business Cards business cards business cards!!!

Oh, and business cards

and…er…business cards.

Quick intro, who you are what you do. Hint at availability, dont come across too desperate. Dont ask for work unless questioned about your current situation.


That means have your own to pass out AND get as many as you can. Don’t be shy about asking for one. If they don’t have one then give them one of yours to write their information.

Be sure to bring a pen. Write notes on the back of the business cards. This way you will remember what you spoke about with that person.

Don’t overtly network, relax, have a drink, and be glib. Don’t overhype yourself, just go and aim to have fun first, get contacts second.

oh yeah and bring lots of business cards…

you were invited to a networking meeting?..i’ve requested dozens of them but i have never been invited to one…first write a 30 second commercial for yourself and comit it to memory…prepare about a dozen open ended questions specific to the company and individual you will be meeting…then listen…do not over stay your visit (20-30 minutes max)…ask for 3 contacts for further networking meetings…my biz card folds out into a mini protfolio which is targeted to each contact